Kingdom Hearts: Atlantica

Odd place to start, I know. I’m even typing this while my game is on my opposite screen. I really wanted to get started on this blog, even though it’ll be quite some time before I get too gung ho into this journey of mine. I have a few art priorities to take care of before hand.

I started Kingdom Hearts: Final Mix on the PS3 a while back, way before I decided to take this journey of mine, so this will be one of a few games you guys will see me work from halfway through. Don’t like it? That’s okay, this is more of a personal blog for my own records anyway. If you’re here and reading this, thank you! Welcome! Namaste and all that jazz.

I’ll make an introductory post of myself later, for now, I just want to take some notes on this level and how I LOATHE it, even though it’s based on one of my favorite Disney movies of all time.

Crappy screen grab with my phone. I’ll get better

The controls are wonky, gotta press circle button to go up, then square to go down. Why didn’t they just make it like a flight simulator game and make the camera control the direction you move? Maybe I’m just too picky, but it makes fighting Heartless under water a pain and I frankly succumb to using magic for most of it. Which if you don’t know me, I like to go in, head first, and beat up things if I’m wielding a sword or sword-like object. This level makes it near impossible to do that.

I keep Ariel and Goofy in my party. Should have went for Donald and Ariel, but we’ll see how it works for the time being.

Side note: The hubby is playing Tomb Raider [2013] right now, and I’m so proud. 


I am using a guide, I probably will for 90% of the games I’ll be going through, if not all of them. I have only one chance to really play through all of these, even though some are repeats, the shot I take through them is my -only- shot for a while. I don’t have the time to go back and beat them again, so my first time better count as much as possible, right?

Going back to the game, the style is cute in this world, I love the dolphins that help you out. The repetitive “Under The Sea”  being jammed out in my ear-holes makes me wanna yank out my headphones, but thankfully it changes in a few places like the Sunken Ship and Ariel’s Grotto.

Dangit, Ariel. Go to your room. Clam. Grotto. Whatever.

And tonight I ended with Urusla getting the Trident after Ariel went all rebel 16-year old. Triton is hurt and we have to get the Trident back. Saved at the save point next to the throne and will continue from there next time!!


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