Kingdom Hearts: Atlantica – Finished

Ugh, am I not done with this place yet!?!

Apparently not. We left off after Ursula took the Trident and ran (swam?) off with it. Ariel is in our party no matter what and I’m trying her and Donald instead of Goofy this time around. Now off to find Ursula…

They look like they’re just having a conversation. Sup, guys. How’s the water?

Oh, “Under The Sea” looping in my ears again. Oh how I missed it all day…

I’ve only been in two fights so far with Donald and Ariel, and it’s already going a lot faster than Ariel and Goofy. Well then, thanks Guide for telling me that at the start of the level and to myself for being stubborn and not listening. I like brute force in these games, not magic as, to me, it’s convoluted.

Headed into Ursula’s Lair and ugh, it’s just as creepy as the movie. I hated this part, especially the little wriggly guys that were mer-people at one point.

Designers got lazy, they all look the same. Hah.

Just kicked Ursula’s tentacles in with my Keyblade for the first time through. Flotsam and Jetsam didn’t make it, oh well. Now I think I have to fight gigantic-Ursula? We’ll see. Until then, save point and level up a bit more. I’m 34 currently, which is the recommended level, but there’s nothing wrong with a little extra umf, right?

This is the kind of picture that happens when I’m trying to take it too quick. Gg.

Fought Ursula and her big head with double chin action [lay off the sea food, lady, dang!] and, it took me a long while but I did kill her my first try. Ariel was on-point with her heals and Donald laid waste to her with his spells as did the Little Mermaid. I was bait and kept her focused on me. There’s not a lot of games with good A.I., but Kingdom Hearts has pretty good ones for my companions. Also, that tornado-spin that Ariel does? Where does a lady get that, seriously?

Got Thundara, whooo! And Page 3 of the Ansem Report. Time to seal the Keyhole to Atlantica!

That “Click” is just so satisfying to hear. Locked and done. Next! 

I love how Ariel is just like “I found this a while back, but you can have it now” and gives me a stronger keyblade. Didn’t think this would come in handy earlier? No? Okay…

Atlantica is -done- for now, now we move on back to Traverse Town and see Winnie the Pooh and the gang again. See you all in the next post!


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