Kingdom Hearts: 100 Acre Wood (4th Visit)

I believe it’s the fourth, at least! I’m not too sure and I’ve lost count. I checked my mini-game scores and I only have 3 mini games to count as of right now, so I’m just going to assume it’s my 4th time here to the 100 Acre Wood.

I actually don’t mind hearing “Winnie The Pooh” over and over in my ears while I’m here. I’m usually only here for a short time, and it brings back fond memories of my childhood. Winnie the Pooh always reminded me of my Grandma on my Dad’s side of the family. She was a bit of a plush woman, always friendly, kind of quiet and easily approachable. I miss her so much.

Anyway, on to the game. I hope Tigger is here, he’s my favorite!

Tigger, Roo and Owl, too! 

Yay, it is Tigger!! And Roo, too. He wants me to bounce, how adorable. This isn’t easy, though, as since my party isn’t here, I don’t have my “High Jump” with me! That’s not cool! Got through the first two ‘trials’ okay enough, so let’s see about this last one.

The guide made the last one seem hard, when actually, it wasn’t that bad! Had to jump up onto a branch then down below to a stump and then jump from there. Easy-Peasy.

Okay now I have to break a Pot with nuts in under 30 seconds to get a special ability later. What is this, this should be easy…

Roo. Don’t make me punt you up a tree.


Okay, calming back down now, but I had to look up a few You Tube videos and people claiming you can do it in one hit. I did it in 3, so not as good but I did it and got below the score needed to get a “Special Ability” later in 100 Acre Wood. Now to gather some items here and there and be on my way!

30 seconds was the max time. Take that, Honey Pot!

After having Tigger and Roo launch me up onto the branches above multiple times to get multiple items, I thought I was done. Then the guide was like “No, we have to get some Rare Nuts for Owl!” Dangit, Owl, could have told me while I was up there. And no, you can’t carry more than one nut. You have to do it one at a time. Where’s a Bag-o-holding when I need one? Or Darnell..? [World of Warcraft Reference, look up “Horde Starting Zones – Cataclysm” by Mike B AKA Fony…You’ll see what I mean.]

I got all the nuts! Yay!

Get your mind out of the gutter, this is a PG-Blog, good sir.

Hehe…He’s really excited about these nuts. Refrain..refrain..

I think I can finally leave so, thank god. I love mini-games and it’s a good break between story line, of course, but some of these, man…they’re just hard to get that perfect score to get that special ability later. I love the challenge though.

Next up, Halloween Town. So excited~!

See you guys in the next post!


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