Kingdom Hearts: Halloween Town -Finished

Okay and we’re back at it!

Now that I think about it, I need to find that save point again. It’s been a while since I saved.

Jack sent off Zero to find the three brats,  and we’ve spotted them going over Moonlight Hill. I tried to get a good picture of Zero, but instead got a rather good picture of Moonlight Hill. I stumbled across here earlier and it’s full of Heartless, which just reset just in time for me to come back and re-visit.

Did I say “Good Picture”? Ugh, this is killing me, hah!

That area and the area next was full of heartless. I fought them for a good 10 minutes at least, it got exhausting then I realized where the heck is Jack? He glitched out right when a huge wave of them came in. Good job, Jack. Enjoy yourself.

Jack…Jack stop. Jack. Plz…

Something that I’m not too happy with the Guide that I’ve been loyally using, however, is he claims the Dalmatian Puppies will be in a chest I’m about to open and it will be a Gummy instead and I’ll find the Puppies later. It’s been a little difficult as I actually missed some Puppies earlier and had to back track to find a hard to reach treasure chest I missed. Thankfully I found them and am still on track, but I’ve opened 3 chests here in Halloween Town so far, two of which were supposed to have Puppies and none have had them. Hopefully I can find them soon!

Anyway, had to climb up Oogie Boogie’s Manor to the “Evil Playroom” which wasn’t really easy thanks to countless heartless fighting me on the way up. I only fell off once because, well, I ran past most of them.

Ugh. Kids. 

Kicked their little butts into oblivion and they claimed innocence, yeah, whatever. Ran back out, got Goofy and Donald with me this time to get a Trinity or two and finally found one chest of puppies! Thank goodness. I didn’t think I’d ever find them. Hopefully I can find the second chest.

Is this not cool!? 

We made our way to Oogie Boogie, which I have to admit is one of my favorite boss battles of this game as unique as they all are! Oogie Boogie traps you on a roulette torture wheel and spins to decide your fate. After carefully doing his tricks and kicking his butt when I could, we defeated Oogie, Jack realized the heart was a failure, and we gathered our rewards and left…

Only to have Oogie turn into his own Manor and attack us with Heartless and lantern-fire!

I’m not paying the down payment for this…

Okay, boss #2 down, technically. Had to destroy a bunch of Purple Darkness blobs and, with that, he revealed the keyhole!!

I didn’t get a picture of the Keyhole being sealed, but it was epic and like I’ve said before, that “Click” is the best noise ever.

Locked and sealed, gentlemen. Gravira get, Pumpkinhead Keyblade given to me by Jack (Once again, couldn’t this have been sooner?) and last chest of the area gotten as well..Which wasn’t the puppies. I’ve been told they’re the White Trinity of the world, which I don’t have yet. So I have to come back later…which will throw off the guide I’m currently using.

Oh well. Back to Traverse Town and get a few side things done, that’s it for this post. See you all in the next one!!


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