Kingdom Hearts: Halloween Town


Oh yay, I love this place. Tim Burton would be proud, I think, of how they rendered everything for this level. Even Sora, Goofy and Donald are all donning their Halloween finest.

Check ’em out. Donald’s missing half himself and Goofy is, literally, a screw-ball.

We end up meeting Jack Skellington for the first time, leave it to say that he does make quite an entrance. After trying to create a heart [Where the doctor said “They’re not all that complicated” What? We must be making a male heart, haha. I kid, I kid.] and failing, we are off to find Sally. I swapped Jack for Goofy instead of Donald as I’m kind of impressed with him after Atlantica. Good job, Donald.

Something I don’t say a lot of in this blog is the music. I don’t normally mention the music, though I suppose I did in Atlantica. “This is Halloween” loops in your ears for the most part, but the way they did the music is rather cheerful as it mixes in some of Disney’s own sort of sound. As for the Battle music, though? It’s one of my favorites, if not my favorite. It starts off slow, but the longer you fight, the more intense the music gets. I really can’t get enough of it, to be honest! It makes it fun and easy to level here in Halloween Town because, to me, good music makes for the experience just as much as game play and story line.

Sally: “Jack don’t”  Jack: “I’m gonna do the thing” Sally: “No plz”

Anyway, found Sally and she gave Jack her “Forget-Me-Not” which was her memory? That’s neat, to be honest. She’s worried, as usual, but this time I’m on her side. The Heartless aren’t really something we should be friendly and “dance” with. He’ll learn soon enough, I’m sure.

Oh, look guys. Lock, Shock and Barrel. I hate these little…brats.

Ugh. Children. Mean children. Stoppit.

Turned in the Forget Me Not and needed another ingredient. Went and talked to the mayor and after a mini-game, he gave me a chest with “Jack-In-The-Box” and, to be honest, it made me giggle a bit.

Brought back the Jack in the Box and Dr. Finkelstein finished the heart, only to have it stolen by those three brats, Lock, Shock and Barrel. Rude.

I think this is long enough for part one! See you in the next part with the finale of Halloween Town!

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