Kingdom Hearts: 100 Acre Wood – Finale

Hey, and we’re back!

It’s been a while since I’ve written, still trying to get some artwork done so I can focus on this and Kingdom Hearts has been a bit of a middle ground to what my blog will look like in the future. I’ve been working on this game for a while and can’t wait to beat it and get it over with, even though I’ll be going on to the other Kingdom Hearts, it’ll be in between other games. I’ll be using it as a sort of ‘getaway’ so I won’t burn myself out on other games, if that makes sense at all.

Back to the storybook, I suppose!

Pooh, you’re following yourself. In a circle. Gg.

Approached Pooh, and he’s looking for the people that took everyone away. He and his friends were all together, but they got separated, and Pooh started following his own foot prints. Good job, Pooh.

So, this turned into a “Find My Friends” mini-game, but the catch was I had to lead Pooh around to most of them too. Piglet gave me the most run for my money. It was finicky, but I did it finally, and in the time needed as well!

Time needed was 5 minutes flat. I win!

It was a fond farewell to our friends at the 100 Acre Wood, but with that, the 100 Acre Woods is sealed and everyone is with each other again! Yay!

Awww, well, sorry Christopher Robin, make way for Sora…Robin?

This was a short entry, but that’s okay. Not a whole lot to say about that mini-game and it’s awfully late here as well. When I get back on the game, I’ll have to make sure I got the “Cheer” ability for Sora, which was the “Special” ability and why I had to get certain points and time goals for these little mini-games. I’ll confirm that later.

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