Skyrim: Thoughts and Feelings

You guys remember the time when you could just sit and immerse yourself into a game for hours and hours, and the time passed by so quickly that before you knew it, it was time to go to bed? Where you were your character and every action, death, quest and heroic feat meant some thing to you? Where you knew, deep down inside, there was so much going on around you that you were just one, simple person in a vast world full of thousands of people who all, at one point, will need YOUR help?

That’s how Skyrim was for me. Through the entire time I played it.

From the very first time you start the game, headed towards your death until the point you finally face Alduin and kill him, absorbing his soul, and experiencing Sovengarde. Every tiny quest, be it large or small, meant some thing.  Meeting Meeko for the first time, building your own house in the Hearthfire DLC. There’s so much I can touch on here, the vampires, the werewolfs, the Greybeards, the Imperials and their hatred of the Stormcloaks, and vice versa…but mostly I just wanted to talk about my experience with this masterpiece of a game.

This might be a little long, so sit back and enjoy the read. And warning, I have forgotten a little about the game, having beaten it a little over 3 years ago, but after I got 100% achievements last night on the game on my XBox [Thanks, in part, from the help of 7Switch! ♥], I felt the need to write about Skyrim.

When Skyrim first came out, I wasn’t all too interested. I played a bit of Oblivion and never touched Morrowind. I felt like it was going to be exactly as they were, and I’m not too great at first-person based games, either! I let it ride for a year, at least, before I got it for free with my new XBox 360 my husband got me for Christmas that same year it came out.

Even after I got it, I kept it on the backburner for a while until I finally decided to pick it up. I had watched my husband play it a bit and the story intriqued me, so I delved in.

And man, did I fall hard for the game.

The lore, the story, the endless religions, characters, quests, spells, and seemingly land to explore, it was all worth the countless hours I had spent on the game. My husband and I did this before my little one came around, but we would set up in the living room in our house in Kentucky at the time, me on my older XBox and his HD PC screen set up on my coffee table, and he would play on the newer XBox and our older TV. We would play like that, comfortable on the couch, for -hours-. This was back in 2013, 3 months before we would get pregnant with our little man! Oh man, the memories.

Crap quality phone pic, but there it is, haha! 

I normally play a 360 game, intent on getting all the achievements as well, but it seemed like with Skyrim…it was a second thought. Until I beat the game and the DLC, of course. I did have more quests to do after all that, so while I did them, I worked on my achievements and, finally, got my last one last night on the 15th of April, 2016. Kill a Legendary Dragon.

My only 2 100% Achievements. For now. 

It was taking me forever to get to 78+ in the game and a friend, 7Switch [GT], helped me. We did it fairly quickly, using a few tricks in the game. I beat the Legendary Dragon and even went off to beat the Ebony Warrior…which was rather hard and took me about 10 tries to beat him, a little less. But I did it.

This is a game I’m not going to quickly forget. I will go back and replay it sometime soon. I have so many other games to beat though, and I do want to see more of Tamriel with Morrowind and Oblivion. That will happen very soon. Sorry this was all pretty vague, but I could talk on this game for hours and I don’t want to ramble on too much.

Great game, buggy in places but it’s a Bethesda game…it’s expected and they’re tolerable. Load times are horrid on console, I’ve been told, so my next experience will be on PC. Probably going to do the same for Morrowind, not too sure about Oblivion. I would love to get 100% achievements on that one as well on my XBox. Would be my 3rd game!!

Here’s to more adventure’s in Tamriel!

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