Kingdom Hearts: Neverland

Been a week since I last wrote anything. Life happens, you know? Things are slowly getting better, and so I’m back at playing some games again for a while. Currently waiting on my PS3 to update, but it shouldn’t take too long since I keep it up to date fairly regularly. I’m just sort of curious as to why it still has updates? The PS3 is almost obsolete now thanks to the PS4, unless they go ahead and keep their PS3 servers and systems updated when they update the PS4 as well. I don’t know. I’m just speculating while I’m waiting for this to install.

So back into the game, and I have to go back to the 100 acre woods real quick to see if I can get that special ability since I got all the right scores and such.

You’re so welcome. I’ll take that “Cheer” ability now. 

After many thanks from Owl, and a recap of everything I did, he gave me a “Gift from all of them” and I got the cheer ability. Sweet. Now off to Neverland.

It’s a pirate ship! Gimmie all your booty!

Got stopped by a pirate ship on my Gummi Adventures, turns out it was Captain Hooks ship and Riku and Kairi were on board! Kairi doesn’t look so hot, poor girl, but we knew from the beginning she was going be the D.I.D. [Damsel in Distress…seriously, watch Disney’s Hercules…] I adore how they animated Captain Hook, haha. Oh that lovely “Tick Tock” sound.

Long cut scene is long, but we also got to meet Tinkerbell and Peter Pan. I placed Peter in my party and, welp, let’s see how good he is at fighting.

Can’t wait until I can take proper screen shots, ahaha. 

He fights pretty good and I already killed a Shadow Sora…I thought he was JUST a boss battle? Hmm, that’s interesting. Also changed my keyblade to Pumpkinhead. I actually cosplayed, badly, as Halloween Town Sora one year. I wonder if I could find those pictures…haha.

Going down deeper into the ship, I reached a pretty misty place with hoards of heartless. This would be a great place to level up as they kept coming for a good 5 or 6 waves. Turns out, also, that the Shadow Sora just pops in and when you hit him enough, he runs away. I’m not actually fighting a new one in every room. The way I figured that out is right before he flees, I get a “Tech 150” instead of “Exp ##” and he runs through a wall. That’s neat.

Can’t tell if that’s a shine in the game or my flash went off. GG. 

Cut scene happened, we know where Wendy and Kairi are, and also Peter gave us a little bit of pixie dust. You kind of forgot to tell him the other secret, though, Mr. Pan. Oh well, off to save the ladies.

Hey guys, spoiler alert. Her heart’s fine.

Found a green trinity and it lead me straight to Riku, Kairi and the actual boss fight with Shadow Sora. It was a tank and spank, really easy just wearing him down and keeping everyone healed. Afterwards, we found an unconscious Wendy and Peter Pan took her and left us. Well, that’s fine. We got this.

I wonder what Sora’s “Happy Thought” was…

Going out, we find Captain Hook who has Tinkerbell hostage. We also find out Riku took Kairi to Hallow Bastion. Okay then. Also the music here? It’s pretty amazing. Gets your blood pumping. I’ve always loved violins. Peter Pan came to the rescue, Cure went up to Cura, and I can fly, I can fly!! Airborne combat is pretty cool, but a little wonky sort of like Atlantica. Relied on magic most of the time, glad I kept Donald with me!

Lured Captain Hook out, that was adorable as Peter Pan imitated Smee just like he does in the movie. Tricking Hook just made him angry, time for another boss fight!

I literally paused mid-boss fight to laugh at how, if you knock Captain Hook off the ship, he flails and jumps back onto the ship screaming “YOU’LL NOT GET THE OTHER HAND!!” and all I can picture is the crocodile biting his butt and scaring him enough to make him jump that high. I’m laughing too, Mr. Crocodile.

I don’t think that says Midnight.

Beating him got me Ars Arcanum (which is…?) and Ansem’s Report #9. Not done in Neverland yet as we head to jolly ol’ England and see Big Ben. Something’s here, other than Wendy, apparently. Fixing one of Big Ben’s faces to Midnight revealed a keyhole.


Locking it, we got a cut scene of Riku and Maleficent where she unlocks his true potential. Ugh, weird. You’re like 105 years old, lady.

His creeper face, tho

Another cut scene showed Wendy and Peter Pan saying good bye, and I was given a ton of stuff. Tinker Bell summon, the Fairy Harp key chain, and the ability Glide, yaaassss. Now I can go back and get some things I missed!

All there is now is to collect a few things and such. That will all be another post. Thanks for reading!!

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