Kingdom Hearts: Misc Adventures

I seriously didn’t know how to title this.

This is just my thoughts for us running around and gathering a bunch of stuff we missed. I already talked to Cid and he updated my Gummi Ship, all while Sora had a vision of little Kairi and feels like she’s calling to him. Next thing you know, he’s going to be like “I see dead people.” Get it? Because Sora’s voice actor is Haley Joel Osment? The kid from the Sixth Sense?



Took more puppies back to Pongo and Perdy, though I’m very much behind on collecting puppies because the Guide I’m using doesn’t match the treasure chests in the Final Mix. This should lead me to getting all the treasure chests anyway, so I’ll find them eventually.

Took pics of just the worlds due to this being a very miscellaneous section. 

Left Traverse Town and headed back to Wonderland and finally figured out how to do the damn White Mushrooms (The ones that aren’t hostile and they do a series of actions. I always timed it wrong!) and also getting more treasure chests here and there, also loving how everything is dying in pretty much one hit. Found more puppies too!

I apparently still have Mini-Games to play here, too…

Deep Jungle again. Found a Mythril. And that’s it….yaaaaay.

I love the world designs. 

Agrabah again, that’s okay with me! Supposed to find Puppies here, let’s see what I actually find. So far a Gummi piece…and the other chest I apparently already got. Great. Even more behind on puppies.

This is Halloween…Halloween…HALLOWEEN.

To Halloween Town, now. Once again, fine with it. I love the music here. Supposed to find Puppies here too, let’s see if I do. Power Up, Elixir and PUPPIES! Thank goodness. That’s one of two that I’m supposed to find. Now, where are the others. Found the other Puppies in a hidden area! Yay! Now I can go back to Neverland…wait, really?

I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R’ –wait…

Go into Neverland and learn that for every Real Time hour that passes on my game time, a new door opens up. I got the 4:00 door for playing 40 hours at this point, but now I have to come back at 41 hours to open another door. That’s fun…Not. I’ve set a timer, though, now off to the Coliseum for the Hercules Cup!

Was unbelievably easy. I defeated it all in one go and got me a trophy! Also got a new Keyblade, the Metal Chocobo, and Shield, Herc’s Shield, for Goofy. I also obtained Olympia key blade thanks to beating all the other Cups available. Also got Yellow Trinity, which I used to move the big stone in the lobby and found the keyhole to the Coliseum! Sweet!

Now back to Agrabah for the Yellow Trinity there! Apparently there’s only 4 Yellow Trinity’s in Jiminy’s Journal.

I probably won’t post anything on Kingdom Hearts for a while due to until I decide to go on in the story, it’s just going to be me getting Blueprints, Mushrooms, and other side quest items. I probably won’t have too much to talk about due to I’m a horrible completionist and must. get. everything!

Until then, though! Thanks for reading.



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