Stardew Valley: First Look

Well, first look for me anyway. I snuck and bought this while Kode wasn’t watching, haha. I hope he doesn’t mind, truly. I’ve been wanting this game for a while just as a time killer, and I’m already happy with the $14.99 I spent on Steam.

Stardew Valley, as far as I know, was made by one person and man is it impressive! Sure everything is in 2D, pretty much, but the artwork is gorgeous and the back drops are as well. So much eye candy.

I meant to take a few shots for when I first arrived at my Farm, but I forgot completely and wasn’t planning on making this a blog? But, to be honest, I won’t be as active blogging about this game, I don’t think, as I wanted it just for some casual play.

Ain’t nothing wrong with writing about it from time to time though.

At the beginning of the game, you choose your skin color, eye color, hair color, color of your pants, and what shirt you like to wear. I went with a black top and green pants because I named my character Trance, haha. My farms name is Moonshine Farm, because I love me some Tennessee Moonshine!

This is my Farm. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I’ve cleaned the place up a bit already, and finally planted my Parsnips on the 3rd day since it’s raining and everything is closed on Wednesdays? Apparently? The General Store is at least. So I worked a bit longer then slept. Farming wears you out.

But it was worth it, apparently!

*Final Fantasy level-up song plays*

I leveled up! I guess that’s a good thing! I’ve never seen a game where leveling up is a bad thing to do. More Axe proficiency and Tree’s will drop seeds! That’s nice, will save some money in the long run. And I can craft some Field Snacks. That’ll be nice as you wear out super quick in this game, so having some snacks on hand will help.

Also, tip: Check your TV before you leave the house! You can get some nice tips for saving money and making food, and making money! Like this one:

Old TV is old, Grandpa. I’ll need to update it soon. 

It’s letting me know that I can find onions down southwest of town and they grow along where the river meets the ocean. Cool, I will go do that soon. But first, some crafting. My bags are getting a bit full and I can’t afford the backpack just yet, so I need to make some chests. I have plenty of wood, so let’s do that now before I go off with a ton of stuff in my bag and can’t carry anything back.

Little crafting menu is easy to work with and I’ll get more recipes as I go!

The reason I had been so adamant about getting this game is because on my Gamecube, a long time ago, I played Harvest Moon like it was going out of style. Which at the time, it wasn’t a super popular game, but there was so much to do. It reminded me of the Sims in a way, another game I also love and may blog about from time to time, but now Stardew Valley reminds me of Harvest Moon, The Sims and Animal Crossing. All games I really enjoy.

One last thing before I close this out. With so many things to do, they also have fishing in this game and it’s probably the toughest fishing mini game I’ve ever played, but the fish are all worth a pretty penny!

So now I’m going to download this game on my tablet, because I’ve been told it’s compatible with an XBox controller. If that’s the case, this is going to be a great little game to have on both my PC and my Tablet for travel and such! I hope there’s not too much of a learning curve with the controller like it was for me and Final Fantasy 14, but it’s a 2D game with not a lot of complex spells and attacks, just mining, fishing and talking to people!

That’s all I have to say about Stardew Valley for now. I may blog about it again once I get out of the Spring season and get further along with my farm and crops. Thanks for reading!



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