Kingdom Hearts: Hollow Bastion – First Visit

Well, geez. I worked for about 2 hours to get some blueprints to drop through the Gummi ship “missions” and none dropped, so I’m going to continue from here for a little while. I’ll go back and try again later though, but I really want to beat this game sooner rather than later. Art is still being done, but I’m cutting down my To Do list every day, so that’s good.

Did you guys miss my horrible phone-screen shots? 

Anyway, on with the game. Just landed in Hollow Bastion, and as many times as I have played this game, I never reached this far. So I’m rather excited to see what this brings. Sora said he was familiar with this place, so we’ll find out why.

Got a plethora of chests right off and got some PUPPIES! YAY! I’m really worried I won’t find them all, but apparently I get a lot of chances still to go and collect things.

Riku’s starting to p–make me angry.

Continued up more and I found Beast! I adore Beauty and the Beast and Riku is being a little brat to him. Sora comes in to save the day. But the fact Beast is in this one, I’m rather shocked and happy.

Hey, that’s mine! 

Riku took my Keyblade, how dare he, and to add more insult to injury, Donald and Goofy left me too! Well this is stupid. I do get Beast in my team, however, I only have a wooden sword to fight with. Great.

Haven’t had too much to say due to this entire area being puzzle based and confusing. The walk-through is helping as little as possible, which is good and bad. Good for the fact it’s making me think. Bad for the fact it’s taking me twice as long to get through this place than it normally would.

Can’t say it’s not pretty though!

So no picture spoilers, but spoilers ahead:

I’ve never been to Hollow Bastion before. Like I said before, so the cut scenes have all been rather shocking! This game can be a lot darker than I thought and I’m O.K. with this. The most recent cut scene just gave me a look at how they had all the Princesses trapped and using their hearts to show Maleficent the Keyhole. Beast is still with me and I believe I’m about to go face to face with Riku.

Post Riku fight. That’s right. You weakling. 

I was right and I kicked his butt pretty quick and got Donald and Goofy back, the Keyblade back and The White Trinity!

I forgive Goofy right off. But Donald, man. 

This place is ridiculously long and I apologize for the length of this post, but man. Hollow Bastion is full of puzzles and I rather like it. I just did one where I had to switch books in a massive library and open up book shelves and secret doorways. Was tedious, but fun. I should have snapped a picture of it.

More puzzles and headed through a really pretty heartless symbol door after collecting pieces, and now there’s another cut scene with Riku and a short guy in a hooded cloak, telling Riku to come into the darkness. Bro, stop, you’re creepy.

Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies and skittles.

Still working my way what seems to be up through Hollow Bastion Castle? Is it a castle? Seems like one. But I just got my last Blue Trinity and have all of the Trinities except for the 10 white ones. Which I’m okay with as I just got White Trinity not too long ago!


Haven’t been doing too much other than getting up through the Castle. Maleficent is deciding to take care of me herself, apparently. This should be fun.

She’s back there. In her darkness. In the dark. 

I beat her pretty easy. Some precise Gravira moves and whacks with my Keyblade, she was easy. However, I know we’re not done here…

Dragon Maleficent was even harder, and took me about 3 tries to kill her, which impressed me. Tinkerbell was nice to have with me, and she kept me healed. Thankfully I had some Mega-Potions on standby and kept Donald and Goofy up most of the fight, though all they were used for was target practice for the Dragon while I chased her head and killed her. Ugh. That was fun.

Little underwhelmed there, Maleficent. You were a lot bigger in the movie. 

Headed back into the dark little portal and towards a new room, which revealed the Princesses and Kairi. I could snap a few pictures of how they where trapped so here we go. The cut-scene’s are getting beautiful, though!

Snow White, Alice and Belle

Sleeping Beauty [Aurora], Cinderella and Jasmine.
Yay another boss-fight. Riku round 2. We’ll see how this goes and hopefully it goes better than the Rousey VS Holm [Haaaaaaaaaay. I got jokes.]. Turns out he’s not Riku at all. It’s Ansem [dun dun duuuuunnnnnn] Riku’s outfit is kinda cool though…too bad he’s a brat.

Riku vs Sora! I like how the Olympia Keyblade just blatantly says “HERCULES.” Bruh. 

Took me 3 tries to beat him too, but that was a fun fight. And Sora just stabbed himself with Riku’s keyblade. We’re giving them what they want I think…but okay. Sora had all their hearts all along. This seems a bit odd for me to type about. I don’t have a lot to say ‘cept now, hey…

D’awwww Heartless Sora.

I’m a heartless. That’s cool. You can tell they sort of went cheap on the animation on him. He’s very jerky [though they are to begin with? Maybe it was intentional?] but I feel like it could have been done better, to say the least.

D’aw Squall, you were cooler in Final Fantasy…8? Yeah, 8. 

With some loving cutscenes, I ended back up in Traverse Town talking to Squall and the rest of the gang. Riku needs my help and, apparently, so do the Princesses. This is where I’m going to end the post due to it being very late and a lot of stuff after this is collection and blue-prints. I’ll still update as I’ve missed writing, but trying to get my art knocked out as quick as possible has been holding me back. I can’t wait to get that all done then take a break from the commission scene for a while and focus on this and my massive gaming list!

Thanks for reading!


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