Kingdom Hearts: Hollow Bastion – Second Visit

As soon as I land in Hollow Bastion, I see the Beast. He tells me the Princesses all stayed in the Castle and he didn’t know why, so we’re going to go and ask them. First thing I do is nab my last White Trinity, which wasn’t puppies by the way, and with it I complete the Trinities and get a Trophy for it! It even gave me a little Gold Mickey head in Jiminy’s Journal, awww.

I knew exactly where Belle would be without even looking at the walk through and ran straight to the Library and was exactly right. She asks, simply, if I’m there to seal the Keyhole and they have all been trying to keep a handle on it to no avail. Well, Belle, I’m here to save the day, no worries! Talked to her once more and she gave me the Divine Rose Keyblade, which will replace my Olympia one, though it also has a short reach. Ugh. Which is fine and all, I’ve dealt with the short reach on Olympia until now, too. Now to find the other ladies and see about that Keyhole.

Why, yes I am!

Headed out of the Library and fought my way back to the Castle Chapel. Which I probably took the long way, but good lord I forgot how else to get there. All the other princesses were here, so I talked to all of them and they are pretty much just begging me to seal the Keyhole. They also told me Ansem was swallowed by the darkness and that he was smiling as it took him.


Went into the Grand Hall and got the LAST CHEST OF PUPPIES!! Yay! With it, I got another Golden Mickey head and a Trophy! Yes, I’m so glad I got those all as the Guide didn’t have them in the correct places and I was just pretty much winging it and hoping that they would show up in other chests that it led me to.

Another 2 chests and one contained the Oblivion Keyblade. We’ll see how this one works for a while, though the Divine Rose seems to have more strength behind it? We’ll see, just for fun.

I love all the unique Keyblade designs in this game.

Pretty quickly changed from Oblivion back to Divine Rose due to, well, it actually didn’t hit as fast as I’d like and Divine Rose killed heartless faster with my build, apparently. went into the Giant Keyhole and fought a Behemoth. Now as someone who is used to the Behemoths from the Final Fantasy series, the big, mean looking purple dogs…well I was not expecting this. He was rather adorable and all too easy to beat.

Awww! Hi little guy!

After the fight we heard a voice. Is that Squall? We left and, sure enough, Yuffie, Squall and Aerith were standing out in the Great Hall waiting for me, apparently arriving here in Cid’s ship [I bet it was the Gummi version of the Highwind, haha] Come to find out, Hollow Bastion used to be their childhood home. That’s odd, since Aerith and Yuffie are from Final Fantasy 7 and Squall is from Final Fantasy 8. They talk about how in disrepair their home is.

Couldn’t have come 5 minutes earlier and helped me fight? No…? Ok.

Talking more with them, they claim that all the world will be repaired and back again if we defeat Ansem. Great, right? Well, it also means goodbye. Everyone will go back where they came from and the walls that the Heartless destroyed that protected each world will go back up again. That’s kind of sad. Sora made a lot of friends on this adventure. I hate to see him lose them. Even Gummi Ships can’t get past them.


After all that chatter, we close the Keyhole to Hollow Bastion!! I get congratulated by all the lovely Princesses except for Belle. Awww. She’s my favorite though! Cinderella and the rest upgrade my Fira into Firaga so that’s going to be useful! I’ve not used Magic in any other games as much as I have with this one.

Talked to Aerith and she gave me Ansem’s Report 2, 4, 6 and 10. I’m still missing one, I believe. She also upgraded my Cura to Curaga! Whoo! That’s also very useful. Got another Trophy for closing the Hollow Bastion Keyhole and with that, I’m off back to Traverse Town.

First things first, to the Dalmatians! They gave me a ton of stuff and even upgraded my Aero spell to AEROGA. Awesome! And the second notable thing is a complete Gummi collection! Now I can get a better Gummi ship. Even better.

Awwwww so many Puppers ♥♥♥!!

After this I’m taking a quick detour to Wonderland, and then headed to “End of the World” to level and get some much needed EXP to hit the new Cups at the Coliseum later before finally beating the game. I’m already at a good level as it is, because I fought every Heartless horde I came up against so I’m feeling okay but doing it this way will help more than not!

Goofy cheatin’. Rude.

We’re so close yet so far!!

Once again, thanks for reading and see you in the next post!

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