Kingdom Hearts: Misc Adventures pt. 2

Well let’s continue, shall we? At least the best we can while the roofers that we knew nothing about rip our roof apart and bang on the ceiling. No warning or nothing and I have a 2 year old. Neighbors work at night so I’m sure they’re overjoyed.

Anyway, more powerful heartless are in Traverse Town now that that Keyhole has been opened. Thanks Riku and Ansem, good job. Went to find a new way to Hollow Bastion and Cid led me to the Secret Alleyway to get a Navi Gummi that he had hid there a long time ago. Got it and Kairi gave me the Oathkeeper Keyblade after a small cut scene about friendship and finding Riku.

Now, kiss. No wait, you’re like..10. 
After that, we find Riku in a dark place and a grey-winding path with some voice talking to him. I’m 99% sure I know who it is, but I don’t want to spoil anything just yet. After talking, the voice tells him to look into his own heart to find his friends and that light he had forsaken. With Riku agreeing, the cut scene ends and we’re off to adventuring again. I’m working on finding the 10 White Trinities and other small things as well.  Collection time, yaaaay.

He hears people. I think I know who it is, though.
Went to see Merlin and the Fairy God Mother and she released Mushu for me which also got me a staff of Donald’s called Lord Fortune. I forgot to go see the Dalmatians, and will after I get the White Trinity from Agrabah. I hit Coliseum, Wonderland and Deep Jungle already and decided to go to Agrabah…I get here and Carpet is in Aladdin’s home, freaking out. So I decide to ride him, thinking he’s going to take me to the Cave of Wonders.


He took me into the desert where we were stopped by this giant snake-headed heartless with 8 arms who instantly silenced me and I tried to fight him. I got his first set of arms down to get my magic back, but after that it was all downhill. His health bar was PURPLE. I have no clue how many bars that means, but that’s insane. I’ll come back to him later when I’m a bit more leveled up and possibly with Ultima Weapon.

Who is THIS a–hat!? 

His name was apparently Kurt Ziza. That’s cool. I get an trophy for beating him, that’s just how hard he is. I will get it!!

Anyway on to the rest of the trinities.

The one on Monstro [or IN him, rather] has been a pain due to having to fly between Agrabah and Atlantica several times to get the Whale to even show up. Did it several times and tired “Warp Drive” just for giggles and, hey, guess who shows up and eats me.

God that’s creepy.

Got that one, had to do the “intestine” maze again. Yay. Headed to Halloween Town and stopped there for a bit of a break.

Okay, break over. Got the White Trinity in Halloween Town and it was puppies! Yay! 2 More chests to go for the little brats, so we’ll see if we get them. Two White Trinities to go, too, so I’m sure I’ve missed a chest somewhere, dang it!!

Well, that White Trinity was Puppies as well in Neverland. So what will the last one be?! Now that we’re headed back to Hollow Bastion, that’ll be the last of this blog for now. We’ll find out what the last White Trinity is and find the last puppies as well as continue on with the story a bit more before more collection time. So excited.

Thanks for reading!!

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