Bethesda E3 Conference: Personal Thoughts

Also a play by play, pretty much. I came in a little late, but was pleased to see Morgan and Adam from G4 TV, you guys remember that?

They’re updating us on Elder Scrolls, starting with Legends, which was a card game teased last year that’s now in Open Beta. Morgan is rather fond of it, it looks like Hearthstone on crack. They went outside, supposedly earlier in the day, talked to some cosplayers who talked about The Evil Within. I watched WarDog Gaming, aka KodeTen on Twitch/Beam/Hitbox, play through some of that game last year. It wasn’t something for us, but we’re rather huge fans of Bethesda so I’m looking forward to this conference going live shortly.

Now on to the Dishonored 2 trailer we were honored with last year. As beautiful as I remembered, and a female protagonist? Even better. I’m not a feminist by ANY means but I do enjoy seeing this recent girls rise to power in and out of games. Releasing November 11th for XboxOne, PC and PS4 this year. That’s awesome, and Corvo is back in this one as well, even through the trailer focuses around Emily.


After the Trailer, it seems like we’re on stage and in the final minutes to the conference. They’re talking about Dishonored 2 still, lack of rats, more blood flies? Sounds cuddly-cozy. Adam is still as sassy as ever and Morgan is as always, and beautiful.

The countdown was fun as always. We start with an old DOS screen, and someone writing in prompts, leading us into our first game trailer. It looks rather sci-fi, alien-esque, PVP style game play. Very futuristic and it reveals to be Quake Champions. Tim Willits of Bethesda is on stage now and getting everyone hyped for Quake and its multiplayer. QuakeCon, which is in Dallas TX, will house over tens of thousands of people this year. Also, people are still playing the original Quake to this day, 20 years later. If that doesn’t show game longevity, I don’t know what does. Quake Champions will be talked more about at QuakeCon 2016

maxresdefault (1)

Pete Hines takes the stage now, taking the stage away from Quake and QuakeCon. He replays Bethesdas last year in sales and awards. ESO was named MMO of the Year. Fallout Shelter won several mobile gaming awards. Fallout 4 released in November 2015, and has won many awards since. DOOM released this year and has also won awards and they mentioned Snapmap several times now. Hopefully we’ll find out what that is later in the conference.

maxresdefault (2)

The Elder Scrolls Legends comes up again, free to play card game with a campaign and story. Trailer for the opening cinematic is brought up,. and the story follows a moth priest named Kellen, who is narrating the trailer. Only to have the conference crash halfway through, but we came back pretty quick. The card game has two lanes, which can decide your fate by the end of the card battle. For those that want to play, go to Bethesda, make an account, and watch your e-mail. And it’s coming to iPhone, Android, and PC Tablets.

maxresdefault (4)

Fallout 4 is on stage now, showing new DLC, Contraptions and now Vault-Tec, where you can build your own Vault. Much like Shelter. I called that from last year. Fallout Shelter is getting a huge upgrade and, welp, also coming to PC! That’s awesome! It’ll be so much easier to play Shelter from my PC, hopefully I can connect my mobile shelter to my PC one? That would be awesome.

THE DRAGONBORN SONG CAME ON AND I GOT GOOSEBUMPS OH MY GOODNESS. They’re revamping Skyrim from 360 and PS3 to XBox and WE CAN NOW PLAY MODS ON CONSOLE. THAT’S AMAZING. Sorry I’m a little biased on Skyrim. I spent hours of my life on that game and just anytime I hear the Dragonborn song, I get so excited. I can’t wait for next years E3 already.

Arkane Studios president, Raphael Colintonio, appeared on stage and began talking about the first person, story line experience. He announced a new game, but it’s not under Dishonored and I actually missed the name of game. It looks like they’ve gone the way of a horror game. It’s Prey, apparently? It looked beautiful, but similar to Dead Space as you’re on a space station, over taken by alien monsters, and available next year on PC and console.

Screenshot from the Prey trailer at Bethesda E3 2016

Cut to Marty Straton from the Bethesda studio talking about DOOM and thanking the fans for such a huge success of the launch. Frankly, I heard the only reason that DOOM is still alive is because of Multiplayer. Once again, mentioning Snap Map and it allows for creation of original maps and free to players. Unto the Evil DLC and has 3 new maps, new playable demon, new guns, armor and more. Sound interesting if I was into the DOOM franchise. I’m rather shocked it got such high reviews. DOOM is downloadable for free this week for Steam, XBoxOne, and PS4.

maxresdefault (3)

The Elder Scrolls: Online Director Matt Firor came onstage to talk about his MMO, thanking the fans. Letting us know that over 7 Million players play this game with 3 expansions already? Also over 578 Million Mudcrabs killed in the game. I won’t lie, I laughed. I had to mention, but there’s one lady in the crowd that is either this guys family or their number one fan. The Dark Brotherhood DLC is releasing at the end of this week. This makes me sad because I actually wish I liked this game because this alone peaks my interest. I actually don’t have a lot to say about this, because, sadly I don’t know much about it. One Tamriel was mentioned, and they’re taking the level barrier off, basically anyone can play any of the content, much like Skyrim, where we could level as we pleased and play as we pleased. I like that alot. Dang.

DOOM and Fallout in VR. That’s amazing. Fallout 4 is brought back up, talking about the new VR experience and then we cut to Morgan and Adam again, at the Bethesda Plus experience where they will allow conference goers to experience the VR and Elder Scrolls: Legends. Fallout VR alone would make me get a Virtual Reality headset, though I don’t know what I’d do if I came face to face with a Deathclaw…

Harvey Smith comes out on stage to talk about Dishonored 2, and we’re honored with a new trailer and some game play. Graphics are gorgeous as always, the story seems very intriguing and I need to beat the first game the rest of the way, to be honest. I just realized Emily, in the new Dishonored, is the little girl from the last game. Well then…I don’t pay attention very well sometimes. I do love that you can play as Emily or Corvo, and each have a different play style, responses, and emotions for everything that’s happening. That makes it, to me, replayable more than a few times to get different reactions and possibly story line out of each of them.

Screenshot from the Dishonored 2 Trailer.

The game play and the ability previews for Emily is leaps and bounds different than the original game. But, I’ve been so engrossed in watching the game play, I’ve not been writing about it. Shadowwalk, Domino, and several others where ability names that I caught. Bethesda is showing another play through, showing a mansion that’s been corrupted thanks to an occult worship gone wrong, and now the time and reality is all messed up, so your powers don’t work as well.

Bethesda ends the conference with that, and leaves us with the world premier game play trailer accompanied by a rather good remake of Fleetwood Mac’s “Gold Dust Woman”. I’ll be looking for that to buy and download later.

I actually thought that was the end of the Conference, but Pete Hines announces the Collectors Edition with Corvo’s Mask and Emily’s ring. Also if you pre-order, you get the Dishonored Definitive Edition for PC, or Console, for free. Collector’s Edition or not, you still get it. That’s awesome. I’d like it for PC, myself, as first person games are a better experience for me on PC and with mouse and keyboard.

Conference ends with a t-shirt giveaway, which is pretty neat, and leave it to say that was a good conference from Bethesda. It didn’t blow my mind by any means, but I was excited for the new to come for Fallout 4, the remaster of Skyrim for the new consoles, and Dishonored 2 of course.

It’s this time of year when I remember why and how much I love being a gamer. It’s the time of year that I remember how behind I am on gaming and beating games and how much I need and very much want to catch up. It’s also that time of year that I remember how much I want to be in this industry and this blog helps me feel like I am, in a sense. I’m at least getting my passion and love and thoughts out there to my readers, few they are, and I love all you all very much. Sorry this was a erratic and jostled blog as I tried to do a play by play, but they some times talk faster than my fingers can keep up with.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back with more posts tomorrow covering the Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony conferences!

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