PC Gaming Conference – Personal Thoughts


PC Gaming show comes on and it’s like a talk show, apparently? PC Gamer and AMD are responsible for the conference, which is probably why their feed keeps crashing. ZING!
I’ll be taking a lot of shots at PC Gaming during this, sorry WarDog.


Dawn of War is the first game up to grabs. I don’t have a lot of knowledge on this game series, but it’s from Relic Entertainment and we do get game play footage for Dawn of War 3. I didn’t get the names of two creators that came to talk about it, but hey. That’s okay. It’s just PC Gaming. It’s an RTS which instantly gets a no from me. I’m not good at them, and it sucks because I know I’m missing out on some great games like Starcraft and even this one, it seems. This is in the Warhammer genre, as well.


Klei Entertainment is up next, they made Don’t Starve. Now we have Oxygen Not Included. Which looks like Fallout Shelter. But I might play it!


ARK: Survival Evolved, Forest and Jesse Rapczak from Studio Wildcard come on stage. She’s wearing some killer heels, why? I know this isn’t fashion at E3 but you don’t wear those kind of heels at a gaming convention. RIP your feet. New dinosaur and he’s freakin’ huge. You can build bases on them, immune to narcotics, and hard to tame in general and there’s only a few in the game as it is. Primitive Plus is a mod they’re talking about now, and it’s been available for a long time, but now it’s an official mod. She’s talking and you cannot hear her at all. I’m glad she started talking, though, I thought she was just some eye-candy, with them shoes. With a new mod you can also play as the animals inside of Ark. That’s adorable. I’m really glad both of them are so passionate about it, and it shows a husband and wife team can kick some butt at working together!


Title: Giant Cop. What is this. It’s amazing. It’s for VR, obviously.


Game sequel, Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. Another game I haven’t heard of. This is why I don’t cover PC games. I don’t know a lot of them, and the ones I usually do know are also on console. The Community Manager, Frank Elliott of Taleworlds Entertainment, joins us on stage to talk about it. It’s a feudal simulation game. We can become lords and have our own armies and siege game play was shown. Ballista, catapults, horses, and more are available. Combat looks clunky, and some of the graphics and actions look rushed. I know this is in development, so I won’t judge too hard just yet.


The Surge is next, Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13. Sci-Fi Dark Souls is what the announcer said it was. It looks beautiful so far, holy. Not much was said on it other than the world premier trailer.


Lawbreakers was revealed, and it reminded me of Overwatch with more low-gravity and not very cartoony. We’re seeing a bit of game play as the Director is on stage, I didn’t catch his name either, but I would probably play this with a good gaming team.
Talking about ESports and how much bigger it’s growing every year.


Lisa Su comes on stage, the CEO of AMD. I never knew a lady was the CEO if AMD. That’s amazing. DOOM running on Polaris plus Vulkan. It’s so pretty! New Radeon card going on sale in June. RX 470 and RX 460 apparently both run cool and fast and that’s pretty much all I caught. This tech stuff goes in one ear and out the other. WarDog gaming would have done better writing this than any one. Also, PC Alienware Backpack that runs VR? That’s neat if you wanna go outside and run into people, things and cars.


Serious Sam on VR. Lots of blood, guns and more blood.


Zen Processor was shown. Don’t ask me anything about it. I really don’t know.


Video Games, now. I can understand this more. Vampyr is up first, from the people who made Life is Strange. Game play is being shown, reminds me a lot of Dark Souls, actually, with the fighting style. The main character is jumping round in shadow, main weapon is a dagger it seems, and he can also use blood as a weapon. That was neat.


Killing Floor 2’s John Gibson, from Tripwire Interactive to talk about updates for Killing Floor 2. Can I repeat myself enough? Footage shows new character, weapons, armor, perks, and the previous content packs. You can also now play as a Zed. Oh it’s a zombie/monster hack-n-slash game. Gotcha.
Don’t have me write on PC next year, haha.

Oculus Head Developement Anna Sweet joins John on stage. Killing Floor Incursion is announced for VR and Oculus Touch.


Obsidian comes out with a new RPG called Tyrany, talking of “if evil had won”.


Horror game next, it seems. It’s very dark, I missed the name, though. Never mind, it’s >Observer_. Very much a teaser trailer. Rafal Basaj from Bloober Team comes out to nit pick the trailer and gives us a answer to the question “What is >Observer_ about?” with another question. “What if your worst fears were hacked and used against you?” I was right with a horror game, and the main character is the victim of being hacked. Cyber punk, eastern European setting. We’re getting some game play as well and I’m very interested. Very digital and very dark. I can’t play horror games, but it looks like something Markiplier may play.


Jason Coleman from Sparkypants (ahahahhaaa) announces a new RTS game called Dropzone. Sci-Fi, RTS, reminds me of Starcraft. I don’t play these games so I can’t defer them into another other sort of games, really. It just looks like what I’ve seen KodeTen play on Starcraft.

header (1)

ArmA 3 team is here, announcing ArmA 3 Apex. Jay Crowe of Bohemia is on stage to talk about Apex. I missed a lot of what he said, I was fighting WordPress with my Microsoft Conference Play-by-Play.


Bulkhead is next with Turing Test as a FPS Puzzle Game, sort of like Portal. A lot of behind the scenes and such.


Heather Penn from Finji comes out to talk about Overland and traveling across the country. Very paper-esque art style and in a over-map POV like Diablo or the like. Not what I was expecting at all. You have to travel and level, watch you hunger and fuel. Seems interesting.


Dual Universe is next, a space SIM seemingly. So far it’s very open world, fully editable worlds, can fly in space and rebuild civilizations. Jean-Christophe Baillie from Novaquark comes in to talk about it and announces it as a Sci-Fi MMO. Can build your ship, space station, home, anything. It’s a continuous, single shard world where everyone is playing at the same time, no loading or zoning into other sections. It actually was really beautiful, and they’re releasing more information and even some game play within the next few weeks.

Good lord, how long is this conference?


Halo Wars 2 is mentioned again, if you want to read more about it, go check out my previous blog post about this new RTS from Microsoft.


New World Interactive comes on stage with a new game, the same people who made Insurgency, releasing on Steam next month. Day of Infamy is announced and, oh look, another war game. I’ve pretty much lost all interest in this conference already, nothing’s really standing out, and it’s dragging on and on. I’m just a PC Gamer. I don’t know anything about specs or processors or GPU’s.

It’s over, mostly. There was one that got skipped and I didn’t make it in time for the ending of the PC conference. Can you all tell I’m not as passionate about PC gaming as I am console gaming, even though I play on both? That’s just me, though. Ubisoft is starting now and I’m not covering this one. I never really have. Nothing against Ubi, but I know it’s going to be filled with a lot of things I don’t want, though Watchdogs 2 does look amazing.


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