Sony E3 Conference – Personal Thoughts


Apparently we start off with a Orchestra? And chanting, me likes. That was neat.


We’re immediately introduced with game play and it’s beautiful. We’re introduced to a father and his…That’s Kratos. I just realized it. His voice seemed familiar at first and it dawned on me when I finally saw him. Also, hey, he’s got a beard! The graphics are beautiful and it’s in 3rd person viewer, over the shoulder. Demons of hell came to play, and Kratos kicked their ***. Good lord this is pretty. Cut into a boss fight with a giant, possibly a god as he can control lava and Kratos goes into a Spartan Rage, killing the boss only to by shot by his son. The boss was a troll, as the characters mentioned, the boy and his father found the deer and claimed it. That was probably the prettiest Trailer this E3.  I’m already hyped. So is the crowd, they’re going nuts. Also, I have to mention, the entire time they were playing, the Orchestra did the music.


Hey, Shawn Layden joins us on the stage. Once again an homage to the victims and families in Orlando. Very quiet as he mentions it and then welcomes us all around the world and in the conference to the show.


Bend Studio comes up on screen, male narrator talking about remembering how life itself shut down and the world went dark. Days Gone is the name of the game, a post-apocalyptic game, it seems, with a good story line behind it unlike all the other ones.


The Last Guardian comes up now, we’ve been teased with this game for years, now, when the heck are we getting a release? The trailers are beautiful, the orchestra is beautiful along with this one, and they seem to have tweaked the graphics a little bit more. October 25th, 2016. ABOUT. TIME.


Another game we saw last year, where Machines rule the world and life is primitive for the humans again. Game play trailer, as I expected, but good lord it’s every prettier than I remembered. A bit of fighting and crafting and talk of corrupted dinosaurs and demons. Mounts are apparently easy to get, though I don’t know and couldn’t tell if they were permanent after she nabbed one. Fighting a “Corrupter” now, she could find the weakness and is using it against him. Mounts can also be used in combat.  That’s handy seeing how some of these machines can move incredibly fast.  Horizon Zero Dawn is something I’m super excited to get my hands on.


Yet another game, sending in an android to save a little girl. Apparently another one went rogue. We see a negotiation on a roof top gone wrong. An Andriod named Conner is the main character, the game follows a premise of chosing your own actions, your own story with multiple outcomes. Detroit: Become Human.


Next we’re shown this is a full VR experience for the Playstation. A phone is ringing. Answer it, holy crap. Thank you. A voice tells us to get out or they’re going to kill us, that’s nice. What are “they” and WHY MANNEQUINS!!?! The fact this is a VR experience is already horrifying, I didn’t see what walked across the hall, there, but I’m thankful for it. Static noise is the worst for me after Silent Hill 4. Resident Evil VII on VR?! Hell no.


Shawn Layden comes back on stage, letting us know the entirety of Resident Evil VII will be playable beginning to end on VR. He also announces that they already have the processing power and display technology for the VR. Playstation VR for $399 with over 50 games by October 13th. FOUR. HUNDRED. DOLLARS.


Another VR experience, I believe, set in spaaaaaaaaaace. Farpoint is the name of the game.

I really love that with Sony conference it’s about the games, not people up there talking for most of the hour long conference and you get a teaser here or a little game play there.

A Star Wars VR experience is shown now. Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing Mission. They’re really still trying with Battlefront, huh?


New trailer, starts with “How do you feel when you put on that mask” and that’s Joker. New Arkham game? I thought they were done with it. Batman Arkham VR by Rocksteady games. October 2016 exclusive to Playstation VR.

maxresdefault (1)

Square Enix time! And chocobo!! Yay!! Final Fantasy 15 looks amazing, and they’re including some VR fun with it? How exciting. That trailer was hilarious, and hey! Boobs! Boobs are always good. We can play as Promto, which is one of the 4 males that we keep seeing in the trailers. I couldn’t pin-point who.


Now we’re off to another game, a space station it seems with Captain Reyes? Rais? I don’t know if I spell it right and hey mechas! Oh man a Mech-VR experience would be amazing. The space fight looks amazing, and then suddenly, they eject from their ships and land on the enemies battle station. I swear if it’s some Call of Duty crap, I’m gonna be mad because this looks amazing. Wow it was Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. What a crock of crap.


Crash Bandicoot!?!? I was excited for a new game, but it’s going to be a remaster of all 3 games from the ground up for the PS4.


Lego Star Wars! Whoo! I really need to play these games, haha. They look so stupidly fun. Including that one. Dangit.


Andrew House comes out on stage to some epic orchestra music, he’s at E3 every year. He introduces the one and only Hideo Kojima and the crowd is going insane. He brings something new for us and announces it’s all running in Real Time. Already as weird as ever, dead crabs, a naked man and a newborn baby. It’s gorgeous, but there’s dead fish, whales, etc everywhere and I am so confused. Also hey it’s Norman Reedus! Death Stranding is the name of the game, it looks beautiful but I have no clue what it’s about from that trailer, haha. Typical Kojima.


Insomniac comes on screen and hey, it’s Spiderman, but by Insomniac!?!? This should actually be a good game. Insomniac doesn’t screw around.

Screen shot of the beginning of the “Days Gone” game play demo.

Shawn Layden comes back and freaks out about walking on with an Orchestra like a 5 year old and how “AWESOME” it is. That’s adorable. He’s thanking the buyers, partners, developers, and the like for coming along for this ride. Days Gone gets a game play demo, and we’re off on a bike. We’re looking for a friend, it seems, checking the bunkers and the area around and we find a dead body. Thankfully it’s not our friend. We find our friend and he’s being attacked by a creepy child zombie. Why does it have to be kids? They’re creepy enough as normal ones, and that’s coming from a mom of a 2 year old. Typical Zombie game, they’re in hordes, the world is in ruins, your “Friend” is a screw up and gets killed. Same thing, different day.

I was happier with this conference than the others I posted about. No Kingdom Hearts 3, sadly. I’m a little upset at that, but I’d rather them take their time with the game than rush it to release because we demand it as fans. This E3 was a little underwhelming, and it saddens me, but I’ll be over it in a week or so.

That concludes today for E3. I may cover Nintendo’s Treehouse Live tomorrow at 11AM.

Thanks for reading!


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