Delay and Apologies

Morning Gamers!

I just wanted to post an short update and apologize for my lack of posts and lack of content, my husband went off to Guard Duty for 2 weeks and also my Art took high priority after E3 this year. So all of that plus a hyperactive and needy 2 year old, makes it hard to sit and blog and play games.

I actually had to take on more commissions as an artist to pay off/help pay off some debt we’ve racked up thanks to Summer time being our rougher months. I’m a stay at home mom, so, other than my art I don’t really bring in any income at the moment, so home and finances come first before a hobby blog, you know?

But I will be back, I still have a Stardew Valley: Second Look blog in progress, and I have to beat Kingdom Hearts as well. I may start blogging about my adventures in WoW too. That’s to be determined though.

Thanks for your patience with both myself and WarDog Gaming, my hubby’s sister-blog. We look forward to bringing you more content soon!


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