Delay and Apologies

Morning Gamers!

I just wanted to post an short update and apologize for my lack of posts and lack of content, my husband went off to Guard Duty for 2 weeks and also my Art took high priority after E3 this year. So all of that plus a hyperactive and needy 2 year old, makes it hard to sit and blog and play games.

I actually had to take on more commissions as an artist to pay off/help pay off some debt we’ve racked up thanks to Summer time being our rougher months. I’m a stay at home mom, so, other than my art I don’t really bring in any income at the moment, so home and finances come first before a hobby blog, you know?

But I will be back, I still have a Stardew Valley: Second Look blog in progress, and I have to beat Kingdom Hearts as well. I may start blogging about my adventures in WoW too. That’s to be determined though.

Thanks for your patience with both myself and WarDog Gaming, my hubby’s sister-blog. We look forward to bringing you more content soon!


Sony E3 Conference – Personal Thoughts


Apparently we start off with a Orchestra? And chanting, me likes. That was neat.


We’re immediately introduced with game play and it’s beautiful. We’re introduced to a father and his…That’s Kratos. I just realized it. His voice seemed familiar at first and it dawned on me when I finally saw him. Also, hey, he’s got a beard! The graphics are beautiful and it’s in 3rd person viewer, over the shoulder. Demons of hell came to play, and Kratos kicked their ***. Good lord this is pretty. Cut into a boss fight with a giant, possibly a god as he can control lava and Kratos goes into a Spartan Rage, killing the boss only to by shot by his son. The boss was a troll, as the characters mentioned, the boy and his father found the deer and claimed it. That was probably the prettiest Trailer this E3.  I’m already hyped. So is the crowd, they’re going nuts. Also, I have to mention, the entire time they were playing, the Orchestra did the music.


Hey, Shawn Layden joins us on the stage. Once again an homage to the victims and families in Orlando. Very quiet as he mentions it and then welcomes us all around the world and in the conference to the show.


Bend Studio comes up on screen, male narrator talking about remembering how life itself shut down and the world went dark. Days Gone is the name of the game, a post-apocalyptic game, it seems, with a good story line behind it unlike all the other ones.


The Last Guardian comes up now, we’ve been teased with this game for years, now, when the heck are we getting a release? The trailers are beautiful, the orchestra is beautiful along with this one, and they seem to have tweaked the graphics a little bit more. October 25th, 2016. ABOUT. TIME.


Another game we saw last year, where Machines rule the world and life is primitive for the humans again. Game play trailer, as I expected, but good lord it’s every prettier than I remembered. A bit of fighting and crafting and talk of corrupted dinosaurs and demons. Mounts are apparently easy to get, though I don’t know and couldn’t tell if they were permanent after she nabbed one. Fighting a “Corrupter” now, she could find the weakness and is using it against him. Mounts can also be used in combat.  That’s handy seeing how some of these machines can move incredibly fast.  Horizon Zero Dawn is something I’m super excited to get my hands on.


Yet another game, sending in an android to save a little girl. Apparently another one went rogue. We see a negotiation on a roof top gone wrong. An Andriod named Conner is the main character, the game follows a premise of chosing your own actions, your own story with multiple outcomes. Detroit: Become Human.


Next we’re shown this is a full VR experience for the Playstation. A phone is ringing. Answer it, holy crap. Thank you. A voice tells us to get out or they’re going to kill us, that’s nice. What are “they” and WHY MANNEQUINS!!?! The fact this is a VR experience is already horrifying, I didn’t see what walked across the hall, there, but I’m thankful for it. Static noise is the worst for me after Silent Hill 4. Resident Evil VII on VR?! Hell no.


Shawn Layden comes back on stage, letting us know the entirety of Resident Evil VII will be playable beginning to end on VR. He also announces that they already have the processing power and display technology for the VR. Playstation VR for $399 with over 50 games by October 13th. FOUR. HUNDRED. DOLLARS.


Another VR experience, I believe, set in spaaaaaaaaaace. Farpoint is the name of the game.

I really love that with Sony conference it’s about the games, not people up there talking for most of the hour long conference and you get a teaser here or a little game play there.

A Star Wars VR experience is shown now. Star Wars Battlefront X-Wing Mission. They’re really still trying with Battlefront, huh?


New trailer, starts with “How do you feel when you put on that mask” and that’s Joker. New Arkham game? I thought they were done with it. Batman Arkham VR by Rocksteady games. October 2016 exclusive to Playstation VR.

maxresdefault (1)

Square Enix time! And chocobo!! Yay!! Final Fantasy 15 looks amazing, and they’re including some VR fun with it? How exciting. That trailer was hilarious, and hey! Boobs! Boobs are always good. We can play as Promto, which is one of the 4 males that we keep seeing in the trailers. I couldn’t pin-point who.


Now we’re off to another game, a space station it seems with Captain Reyes? Rais? I don’t know if I spell it right and hey mechas! Oh man a Mech-VR experience would be amazing. The space fight looks amazing, and then suddenly, they eject from their ships and land on the enemies battle station. I swear if it’s some Call of Duty crap, I’m gonna be mad because this looks amazing. Wow it was Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. What a crock of crap.


Crash Bandicoot!?!? I was excited for a new game, but it’s going to be a remaster of all 3 games from the ground up for the PS4.


Lego Star Wars! Whoo! I really need to play these games, haha. They look so stupidly fun. Including that one. Dangit.


Andrew House comes out on stage to some epic orchestra music, he’s at E3 every year. He introduces the one and only Hideo Kojima and the crowd is going insane. He brings something new for us and announces it’s all running in Real Time. Already as weird as ever, dead crabs, a naked man and a newborn baby. It’s gorgeous, but there’s dead fish, whales, etc everywhere and I am so confused. Also hey it’s Norman Reedus! Death Stranding is the name of the game, it looks beautiful but I have no clue what it’s about from that trailer, haha. Typical Kojima.


Insomniac comes on screen and hey, it’s Spiderman, but by Insomniac!?!? This should actually be a good game. Insomniac doesn’t screw around.

Screen shot of the beginning of the “Days Gone” game play demo.

Shawn Layden comes back and freaks out about walking on with an Orchestra like a 5 year old and how “AWESOME” it is. That’s adorable. He’s thanking the buyers, partners, developers, and the like for coming along for this ride. Days Gone gets a game play demo, and we’re off on a bike. We’re looking for a friend, it seems, checking the bunkers and the area around and we find a dead body. Thankfully it’s not our friend. We find our friend and he’s being attacked by a creepy child zombie. Why does it have to be kids? They’re creepy enough as normal ones, and that’s coming from a mom of a 2 year old. Typical Zombie game, they’re in hordes, the world is in ruins, your “Friend” is a screw up and gets killed. Same thing, different day.

I was happier with this conference than the others I posted about. No Kingdom Hearts 3, sadly. I’m a little upset at that, but I’d rather them take their time with the game than rush it to release because we demand it as fans. This E3 was a little underwhelming, and it saddens me, but I’ll be over it in a week or so.

That concludes today for E3. I may cover Nintendo’s Treehouse Live tomorrow at 11AM.

Thanks for reading!

PC Gaming Conference – Personal Thoughts


PC Gaming show comes on and it’s like a talk show, apparently? PC Gamer and AMD are responsible for the conference, which is probably why their feed keeps crashing. ZING!
I’ll be taking a lot of shots at PC Gaming during this, sorry WarDog.


Dawn of War is the first game up to grabs. I don’t have a lot of knowledge on this game series, but it’s from Relic Entertainment and we do get game play footage for Dawn of War 3. I didn’t get the names of two creators that came to talk about it, but hey. That’s okay. It’s just PC Gaming. It’s an RTS which instantly gets a no from me. I’m not good at them, and it sucks because I know I’m missing out on some great games like Starcraft and even this one, it seems. This is in the Warhammer genre, as well.


Klei Entertainment is up next, they made Don’t Starve. Now we have Oxygen Not Included. Which looks like Fallout Shelter. But I might play it!


ARK: Survival Evolved, Forest and Jesse Rapczak from Studio Wildcard come on stage. She’s wearing some killer heels, why? I know this isn’t fashion at E3 but you don’t wear those kind of heels at a gaming convention. RIP your feet. New dinosaur and he’s freakin’ huge. You can build bases on them, immune to narcotics, and hard to tame in general and there’s only a few in the game as it is. Primitive Plus is a mod they’re talking about now, and it’s been available for a long time, but now it’s an official mod. She’s talking and you cannot hear her at all. I’m glad she started talking, though, I thought she was just some eye-candy, with them shoes. With a new mod you can also play as the animals inside of Ark. That’s adorable. I’m really glad both of them are so passionate about it, and it shows a husband and wife team can kick some butt at working together!


Title: Giant Cop. What is this. It’s amazing. It’s for VR, obviously.


Game sequel, Mount and Blade 2: Bannerlord. Another game I haven’t heard of. This is why I don’t cover PC games. I don’t know a lot of them, and the ones I usually do know are also on console. The Community Manager, Frank Elliott of Taleworlds Entertainment, joins us on stage to talk about it. It’s a feudal simulation game. We can become lords and have our own armies and siege game play was shown. Ballista, catapults, horses, and more are available. Combat looks clunky, and some of the graphics and actions look rushed. I know this is in development, so I won’t judge too hard just yet.


The Surge is next, Focus Home Interactive and Deck 13. Sci-Fi Dark Souls is what the announcer said it was. It looks beautiful so far, holy. Not much was said on it other than the world premier trailer.


Lawbreakers was revealed, and it reminded me of Overwatch with more low-gravity and not very cartoony. We’re seeing a bit of game play as the Director is on stage, I didn’t catch his name either, but I would probably play this with a good gaming team.
Talking about ESports and how much bigger it’s growing every year.


Lisa Su comes on stage, the CEO of AMD. I never knew a lady was the CEO if AMD. That’s amazing. DOOM running on Polaris plus Vulkan. It’s so pretty! New Radeon card going on sale in June. RX 470 and RX 460 apparently both run cool and fast and that’s pretty much all I caught. This tech stuff goes in one ear and out the other. WarDog gaming would have done better writing this than any one. Also, PC Alienware Backpack that runs VR? That’s neat if you wanna go outside and run into people, things and cars.


Serious Sam on VR. Lots of blood, guns and more blood.


Zen Processor was shown. Don’t ask me anything about it. I really don’t know.


Video Games, now. I can understand this more. Vampyr is up first, from the people who made Life is Strange. Game play is being shown, reminds me a lot of Dark Souls, actually, with the fighting style. The main character is jumping round in shadow, main weapon is a dagger it seems, and he can also use blood as a weapon. That was neat.


Killing Floor 2’s John Gibson, from Tripwire Interactive to talk about updates for Killing Floor 2. Can I repeat myself enough? Footage shows new character, weapons, armor, perks, and the previous content packs. You can also now play as a Zed. Oh it’s a zombie/monster hack-n-slash game. Gotcha.
Don’t have me write on PC next year, haha.

Oculus Head Developement Anna Sweet joins John on stage. Killing Floor Incursion is announced for VR and Oculus Touch.


Obsidian comes out with a new RPG called Tyrany, talking of “if evil had won”.


Horror game next, it seems. It’s very dark, I missed the name, though. Never mind, it’s >Observer_. Very much a teaser trailer. Rafal Basaj from Bloober Team comes out to nit pick the trailer and gives us a answer to the question “What is >Observer_ about?” with another question. “What if your worst fears were hacked and used against you?” I was right with a horror game, and the main character is the victim of being hacked. Cyber punk, eastern European setting. We’re getting some game play as well and I’m very interested. Very digital and very dark. I can’t play horror games, but it looks like something Markiplier may play.


Jason Coleman from Sparkypants (ahahahhaaa) announces a new RTS game called Dropzone. Sci-Fi, RTS, reminds me of Starcraft. I don’t play these games so I can’t defer them into another other sort of games, really. It just looks like what I’ve seen KodeTen play on Starcraft.

header (1)

ArmA 3 team is here, announcing ArmA 3 Apex. Jay Crowe of Bohemia is on stage to talk about Apex. I missed a lot of what he said, I was fighting WordPress with my Microsoft Conference Play-by-Play.


Bulkhead is next with Turing Test as a FPS Puzzle Game, sort of like Portal. A lot of behind the scenes and such.


Heather Penn from Finji comes out to talk about Overland and traveling across the country. Very paper-esque art style and in a over-map POV like Diablo or the like. Not what I was expecting at all. You have to travel and level, watch you hunger and fuel. Seems interesting.


Dual Universe is next, a space SIM seemingly. So far it’s very open world, fully editable worlds, can fly in space and rebuild civilizations. Jean-Christophe Baillie from Novaquark comes in to talk about it and announces it as a Sci-Fi MMO. Can build your ship, space station, home, anything. It’s a continuous, single shard world where everyone is playing at the same time, no loading or zoning into other sections. It actually was really beautiful, and they’re releasing more information and even some game play within the next few weeks.

Good lord, how long is this conference?


Halo Wars 2 is mentioned again, if you want to read more about it, go check out my previous blog post about this new RTS from Microsoft.


New World Interactive comes on stage with a new game, the same people who made Insurgency, releasing on Steam next month. Day of Infamy is announced and, oh look, another war game. I’ve pretty much lost all interest in this conference already, nothing’s really standing out, and it’s dragging on and on. I’m just a PC Gamer. I don’t know anything about specs or processors or GPU’s.

It’s over, mostly. There was one that got skipped and I didn’t make it in time for the ending of the PC conference. Can you all tell I’m not as passionate about PC gaming as I am console gaming, even though I play on both? That’s just me, though. Ubisoft is starting now and I’m not covering this one. I never really have. Nothing against Ubi, but I know it’s going to be filled with a lot of things I don’t want, though Watchdogs 2 does look amazing.

Microsoft E3 Conference: Personal Thoughts


10:36 AM CST: It’s an hour before the conference even starts and I’m awake. I told myself I’d be up for this thing, and dang it, I am. I may have only gotten 5 hours of sleep, but E3 is the time of the year where sleep really eludes me. Maybe, now, I can get my sleep schedule in order.

I watch my Conference live streams through and there are already people in chat, but with the spam of “GOAT SIMULATOR 2 CONFIRMED” and racial slurs, I tend to not pay much attention to chat anymore. I get it’s all in fun, but good lord. Since I do have enough time, I’m going to grab my family breakfast, be back shortly. I’m so excited for this conference, it’s not even funny.

11:27 AM: I’m back, with fried chicken and donuts. What? I’m a gamer. My nutrition isn’t 100% healthy.We have 2 minutes now until the conference, I’m already predicting a few things.

  • Something Halo for sure.
  • VR-Capability with their new and improved XBox One console.
  • Something about the Microsoft Hololens that we saw last year and have heard nothing about since. At least I haven’t.
  • Something about the One and Windows Gaming coming “closer” together. Through a pay-wall, you know how this works.

And before I can predict anymore, we’re in and a dedication to the Mass Shooting at Pulse in Orlando was the first thing we heard. That’s nice as always.Alright Microsoft, how are you going to screw my wallet this year?


The Xbox One S is the first to be revealed, 40% slimmer, HDR gaming, Wireless controllers with better range. Phil Spencer joins us on stage, announcing the “smallest XBox Console” yet at $299.


Rob Furguson joins us next and Gears of War 4 comes up on the screens. I should have called this too. Xbox Play Anywhere is announced and it lets anyone play from Xbox to PC, saving your achievements and progress between the consoles. You buy the game once, you can play it on both. It even supports cross-play multiplayer between PC and Console. I’m laughing and the PC “Master Race” in the house is having a hissy fit. Welp, too bad guys. I told you consoles were going to come to power even if it’s behind rules and pay-wall. I’m not 100% happy about it either, but hey, what are you gonna do? Now we’re seeing some Gears of War 4 game play. I don’t know if they’re playing on PC or XBox, but the graphics are beautiful. I don’t like the Gears franchise, even though I’ve tried. Maybe I shouldn’t start with the first one? No clue. We’re seeing different game play mechanics such as a saw-launcher, catapult and team work, even with the NPC’s, which is always fun.October 11th, 2016 is the release date. They also announced a Gears of War 4 wireless Controller to pre-order now.


Rukari Austin, community manager of Microsoft, joins us now talking about Killer Instinct and a new character for the fight. General Raam comes into the fight for Killer Instinct Season 3. And how many times are they going to say “Xbox One and Windows 10 exclusive.” They’re going to make my husband hurl.

maxresdefault (1)

Now we have a racing game. I wish I liked these more just as a casual thing to play. Forza Horizon 3. Ralph Fulton joins us for Forza Horizon 3, announcing we’re in Australia in the game play that we are going to experience right now. Also, I’m glad we’re seeing some girls up there playing the games for the conference. That’s awesome. And we’re seeing 4 people play at once, 2 on PC, 2 on Xbox. Showing the co-op play, rather quickly joining friends, makes your game go into the same world, same time of day, and not too far from each other. Forza Horizon 3 available September 27th, 2015.


Recore comes on screen now, which by the trailer looks very cyberpunk, which is bonus points for me already.


Square Enix comes on stage now with Final Fantasy 15. Hajime Tabata, Director of SE, announces we’re about to get some game play, fighting a titan. We get a real time action fighting sequence that we’ve went to, rather missing the turn based system that we last saw in Final Fantasy 10. Available September 30th, 2016. Short and sweet and to the point.

Ubisoft comes up now, Watchdogs 2, already calling it.


Er…my bad, the Division and it announced a few things. Underground Expansion and available first on XBoxOne in June.


Battlefield 1 comes up next, which I will say once again, isn’t for me. So far the only thing that’s impressed me in Final Fantasy 15. But of course, Battlefield is a huge seller, Xbox One players eith EA access get it first, October 13th.Trailer is being shown, and it looks like it’s set back in World War 1.


Mike Ybarra joins us now, talking about XBox Live. Live servers closer to gamers, Cross Network Play, Backwards Compatibility, and player feedback. Cortana and Background music coming to XBox One. Xbox Live is on console, PC and any android advice if anyone didn’t know. Clubs on Xbox Live is announced, it reminds me of Guilds from WoW. Looking for Group as well, it’s like a ‘want ad for multiplayer’. Finding anyone to play with, anywhere, a lot easier. Arena on XBox Live is a tournament for XBox Live gamers, where you can compete with your friends and other gamers in any Wargaming, EA Sports games and more.


Saxs Perrsons and Lydia Winters from Minecraft come out on stage and announced that players across Windows 10, Android and Console for a untied community called the Friendly Update. Gameplay is being showed between a Microsoft Surface and iPad. Now another is being shown from John Carmack in Gear VR, who also joins Lydia’s realm. Minecraft’s Texture Pack are coming to Android and Windows 10. Add-on’s are coming as well this Fall. Add-on’s let players change mobs and animals to anything they want. As well as letting villagers help fight and be a bit more brave. Minecraft’s little set in conferences are always a little cheesy, it’s great. Minecraft Realms is available today, on Live, Windows 10, iOS and Android. Nothing about Hololens with Minecraft this time around.


More wireless controller, looks like you can customize it however you please. That’s actually really awesome. “8 Million Ways to make it yours” and you can even put your gamer tag on it. No price on that, however.


A game from the creators of Limbo coming up now. We’re at about 12:14 PM, so well into the conference by now. The art design is very simplistic, but seems very dark. Inside available June 29th. Chris Charla, Director of Xbox, comes on stage now to talk about “Inside”. Limbo is now free on XboxOne and 360. Independant games get a spotlight now, which you can’t fault Microsoft for. Cuphead is shown, Outlast, Deliver us to the Moon, Flint Hook, FAR, Slime Rancher, Shadow Tactics, Figment, The Culling, For the King, Beacon, Stardew Valley (YAAASSS!!), Below,  and I missed one! Noooo! Raiders, Bloodstained, Yooka-Laylee and more.


We Happy Few comes on screen now, and things quickly take a turn for the worst. Irony! The art style reminds me of BioShock, reminding me a lot of it now, actually. They’re talking about living in the tube, and the main character is wondering where one of his friends went and drugs seem to be a focal point in the game, talking of “Joy” and needing to take it. Now we have a pinata and, as he hits it, it turns into a dead rat with blood everywhere. They call him a downer after he wouldn’t take his joy, so he runs and is chased after Joker looking guards.


Damien Monnier, Lead Designer of CD Projekt Red, joins us now and talks of a card game. Gwent: The Witcher Card game is announced. I’ve not heard about this at all, and I think it’s hilarious that card games are becoming so huge since Hearthstone got so big. A one-player campaign is being built, and they kept the original gaming mechanics that apparently so many people loved. We’re getting a bit of a teaser game play now, the card stage has 3 lanes, it seems. It’s coming out September.

maxresdefault (4)

Bandai Namco flashes across screen with a new Tekken 7. Akuma and Heihachi take off in a cut scene of beautiful proportions and lead us straight into actual game play, which is actually just as pretty. Game Director Katsuhiro Harada and Micheal Murray, Game Designer, joins us on stage. Katsuhiro looking snazzy in that kimono. Free Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for Xbox Live Gold Members as well.


Another game, looks like another Zombie Killer game. Dead Rising 4, a game that has the reputation of “However you can kill zombies the most insane, is the best way”.

Shannon Loftis, Head of Microsoft Studios Publishling, comes out and begins to talk about Studios. Wanting to bring blockbusters back to new consoles with fresh experiences. I’m loving this XBox Anywhere, to be honest. People have so much hate on console, but the fact I can stop playing on my console, go upstairs and play in bed on my tablet, that’s amazing.


Hideki Kamiya, Creative Director of Platinum Games, comes out to show us Scalebound. Dragons!! DRAGONS!!! I remember seeing this last year, I was worried I missed this. You can control dragons and fight with them against bosses, and fight while riding them as well. This game play teaser is amazing, the boss is huge and the fact that you can fight with your dragons just has me so giddy, holy. Also it was co-op! I meant to mention that. Available 2017.

maxresdefault (2)

Now we’re greeted with a Pirate Shanty! WHOOO. Pirates! It really reminds me of Fable in a sense. Craig Duncan of Rare comes out and talks about Sea of Thieves, a game of pirates and pirate life. Searching for treasure with your friends and other gamers. We even get some game play! That was the most entertaining game play yet. I want this for the ATeam. That looked amazing.

maxresdefault (3)

Another Zombie game from Undead Labs.State of Decay 2, this is the first one that Kode has shown any interest in and that’s all they’re going to show too.


Now we’re greeted with what looks like a Halo game. Every E3 has had a Halo, I called this. Is it 6 or ODST 2? Turns out, Halo Wars 2. 343 Industries Studiohead Dan Ayoub comes out to talk about it. Forgive me while I go get some coffee while he spouts off hot air. No, to be honest, I know nothing about Halo other than Nathan Fillion does voices for them, and he also had a character modeled after him in Halo 6 as well. That’s about it. Week long beta for Halo Wars 2 starts now. And, of course, a game play video and my first words were “Oh look! Starcraft!”

Phil Spencer joins us again, giving homage to the old XBox from 15 years ago. He brings up playing without boundaries, wanting people to play across platform and PC’s with a huge library of games. I believe this is the final speech, as it seems kind of “final” if that makes sense. Xbox One S was announced, slimmer and work with everything from controllers and headsets. 4K gaming and high fidelity VR is mentioned, and now we get to see what they’ve been working on. New specs for the console, seemingly they’re trying to compete with PC’s for this, true 4K resolution, render at 60 hertz. Nothing is being abandoned from the XBox One. Project Scorpio is it’s name and they’re claiming it’s “The most powerful console ever” in Holiday 2017, so we will see more at E3 next year.


And with that, the XBox E3 conference is over, and I am..grossly underwhelmed, to be honest. Not much stood out to me, though I will be playing Sea of Thieves with the ATeam. Was super happy to see Stardew Valley on screen as well. That game was made by -one- guy and he deserves 100% of the credit he’s getting. Scalebound was one I enjoyed though and Final Fantasy 15, of course.

That said, I may cover the Ubisoft conference at 3PM, though it’s most likely I’ll just cover Sony’s at 8PM tonight. As much as I love Ubisoft, their conferences always leave me confused and wanting more, haha.

Thanks for reading and I hope you read my Sony conference play-by-play later tonight!

Bethesda E3 Conference: Personal Thoughts

Also a play by play, pretty much. I came in a little late, but was pleased to see Morgan and Adam from G4 TV, you guys remember that?

They’re updating us on Elder Scrolls, starting with Legends, which was a card game teased last year that’s now in Open Beta. Morgan is rather fond of it, it looks like Hearthstone on crack. They went outside, supposedly earlier in the day, talked to some cosplayers who talked about The Evil Within. I watched WarDog Gaming, aka KodeTen on Twitch/Beam/Hitbox, play through some of that game last year. It wasn’t something for us, but we’re rather huge fans of Bethesda so I’m looking forward to this conference going live shortly.

Now on to the Dishonored 2 trailer we were honored with last year. As beautiful as I remembered, and a female protagonist? Even better. I’m not a feminist by ANY means but I do enjoy seeing this recent girls rise to power in and out of games. Releasing November 11th for XboxOne, PC and PS4 this year. That’s awesome, and Corvo is back in this one as well, even through the trailer focuses around Emily.


After the Trailer, it seems like we’re on stage and in the final minutes to the conference. They’re talking about Dishonored 2 still, lack of rats, more blood flies? Sounds cuddly-cozy. Adam is still as sassy as ever and Morgan is as always, and beautiful.

The countdown was fun as always. We start with an old DOS screen, and someone writing in prompts, leading us into our first game trailer. It looks rather sci-fi, alien-esque, PVP style game play. Very futuristic and it reveals to be Quake Champions. Tim Willits of Bethesda is on stage now and getting everyone hyped for Quake and its multiplayer. QuakeCon, which is in Dallas TX, will house over tens of thousands of people this year. Also, people are still playing the original Quake to this day, 20 years later. If that doesn’t show game longevity, I don’t know what does. Quake Champions will be talked more about at QuakeCon 2016

maxresdefault (1)

Pete Hines takes the stage now, taking the stage away from Quake and QuakeCon. He replays Bethesdas last year in sales and awards. ESO was named MMO of the Year. Fallout Shelter won several mobile gaming awards. Fallout 4 released in November 2015, and has won many awards since. DOOM released this year and has also won awards and they mentioned Snapmap several times now. Hopefully we’ll find out what that is later in the conference.

maxresdefault (2)

The Elder Scrolls Legends comes up again, free to play card game with a campaign and story. Trailer for the opening cinematic is brought up,. and the story follows a moth priest named Kellen, who is narrating the trailer. Only to have the conference crash halfway through, but we came back pretty quick. The card game has two lanes, which can decide your fate by the end of the card battle. For those that want to play, go to Bethesda, make an account, and watch your e-mail. And it’s coming to iPhone, Android, and PC Tablets.

maxresdefault (4)

Fallout 4 is on stage now, showing new DLC, Contraptions and now Vault-Tec, where you can build your own Vault. Much like Shelter. I called that from last year. Fallout Shelter is getting a huge upgrade and, welp, also coming to PC! That’s awesome! It’ll be so much easier to play Shelter from my PC, hopefully I can connect my mobile shelter to my PC one? That would be awesome.

THE DRAGONBORN SONG CAME ON AND I GOT GOOSEBUMPS OH MY GOODNESS. They’re revamping Skyrim from 360 and PS3 to XBox and WE CAN NOW PLAY MODS ON CONSOLE. THAT’S AMAZING. Sorry I’m a little biased on Skyrim. I spent hours of my life on that game and just anytime I hear the Dragonborn song, I get so excited. I can’t wait for next years E3 already.

Arkane Studios president, Raphael Colintonio, appeared on stage and began talking about the first person, story line experience. He announced a new game, but it’s not under Dishonored and I actually missed the name of game. It looks like they’ve gone the way of a horror game. It’s Prey, apparently? It looked beautiful, but similar to Dead Space as you’re on a space station, over taken by alien monsters, and available next year on PC and console.

Screenshot from the Prey trailer at Bethesda E3 2016

Cut to Marty Straton from the Bethesda studio talking about DOOM and thanking the fans for such a huge success of the launch. Frankly, I heard the only reason that DOOM is still alive is because of Multiplayer. Once again, mentioning Snap Map and it allows for creation of original maps and free to players. Unto the Evil DLC and has 3 new maps, new playable demon, new guns, armor and more. Sound interesting if I was into the DOOM franchise. I’m rather shocked it got such high reviews. DOOM is downloadable for free this week for Steam, XBoxOne, and PS4.

maxresdefault (3)

The Elder Scrolls: Online Director Matt Firor came onstage to talk about his MMO, thanking the fans. Letting us know that over 7 Million players play this game with 3 expansions already? Also over 578 Million Mudcrabs killed in the game. I won’t lie, I laughed. I had to mention, but there’s one lady in the crowd that is either this guys family or their number one fan. The Dark Brotherhood DLC is releasing at the end of this week. This makes me sad because I actually wish I liked this game because this alone peaks my interest. I actually don’t have a lot to say about this, because, sadly I don’t know much about it. One Tamriel was mentioned, and they’re taking the level barrier off, basically anyone can play any of the content, much like Skyrim, where we could level as we pleased and play as we pleased. I like that alot. Dang.

DOOM and Fallout in VR. That’s amazing. Fallout 4 is brought back up, talking about the new VR experience and then we cut to Morgan and Adam again, at the Bethesda Plus experience where they will allow conference goers to experience the VR and Elder Scrolls: Legends. Fallout VR alone would make me get a Virtual Reality headset, though I don’t know what I’d do if I came face to face with a Deathclaw…

Harvey Smith comes out on stage to talk about Dishonored 2, and we’re honored with a new trailer and some game play. Graphics are gorgeous as always, the story seems very intriguing and I need to beat the first game the rest of the way, to be honest. I just realized Emily, in the new Dishonored, is the little girl from the last game. Well then…I don’t pay attention very well sometimes. I do love that you can play as Emily or Corvo, and each have a different play style, responses, and emotions for everything that’s happening. That makes it, to me, replayable more than a few times to get different reactions and possibly story line out of each of them.

Screenshot from the Dishonored 2 Trailer.

The game play and the ability previews for Emily is leaps and bounds different than the original game. But, I’ve been so engrossed in watching the game play, I’ve not been writing about it. Shadowwalk, Domino, and several others where ability names that I caught. Bethesda is showing another play through, showing a mansion that’s been corrupted thanks to an occult worship gone wrong, and now the time and reality is all messed up, so your powers don’t work as well.

Bethesda ends the conference with that, and leaves us with the world premier game play trailer accompanied by a rather good remake of Fleetwood Mac’s “Gold Dust Woman”. I’ll be looking for that to buy and download later.

I actually thought that was the end of the Conference, but Pete Hines announces the Collectors Edition with Corvo’s Mask and Emily’s ring. Also if you pre-order, you get the Dishonored Definitive Edition for PC, or Console, for free. Collector’s Edition or not, you still get it. That’s awesome. I’d like it for PC, myself, as first person games are a better experience for me on PC and with mouse and keyboard.

Conference ends with a t-shirt giveaway, which is pretty neat, and leave it to say that was a good conference from Bethesda. It didn’t blow my mind by any means, but I was excited for the new to come for Fallout 4, the remaster of Skyrim for the new consoles, and Dishonored 2 of course.

It’s this time of year when I remember why and how much I love being a gamer. It’s the time of year that I remember how behind I am on gaming and beating games and how much I need and very much want to catch up. It’s also that time of year that I remember how much I want to be in this industry and this blog helps me feel like I am, in a sense. I’m at least getting my passion and love and thoughts out there to my readers, few they are, and I love all you all very much. Sorry this was a erratic and jostled blog as I tried to do a play by play, but they some times talk faster than my fingers can keep up with.

Thanks for reading and I’ll be back with more posts tomorrow covering the Microsoft, Ubisoft and Sony conferences!

Kingdom Hearts: Hollow Bastion – Second Visit

As soon as I land in Hollow Bastion, I see the Beast. He tells me the Princesses all stayed in the Castle and he didn’t know why, so we’re going to go and ask them. First thing I do is nab my last White Trinity, which wasn’t puppies by the way, and with it I complete the Trinities and get a Trophy for it! It even gave me a little Gold Mickey head in Jiminy’s Journal, awww.

I knew exactly where Belle would be without even looking at the walk through and ran straight to the Library and was exactly right. She asks, simply, if I’m there to seal the Keyhole and they have all been trying to keep a handle on it to no avail. Well, Belle, I’m here to save the day, no worries! Talked to her once more and she gave me the Divine Rose Keyblade, which will replace my Olympia one, though it also has a short reach. Ugh. Which is fine and all, I’ve dealt with the short reach on Olympia until now, too. Now to find the other ladies and see about that Keyhole.

Why, yes I am!

Headed out of the Library and fought my way back to the Castle Chapel. Which I probably took the long way, but good lord I forgot how else to get there. All the other princesses were here, so I talked to all of them and they are pretty much just begging me to seal the Keyhole. They also told me Ansem was swallowed by the darkness and that he was smiling as it took him.


Went into the Grand Hall and got the LAST CHEST OF PUPPIES!! Yay! With it, I got another Golden Mickey head and a Trophy! Yes, I’m so glad I got those all as the Guide didn’t have them in the correct places and I was just pretty much winging it and hoping that they would show up in other chests that it led me to.

Another 2 chests and one contained the Oblivion Keyblade. We’ll see how this one works for a while, though the Divine Rose seems to have more strength behind it? We’ll see, just for fun.

I love all the unique Keyblade designs in this game.

Pretty quickly changed from Oblivion back to Divine Rose due to, well, it actually didn’t hit as fast as I’d like and Divine Rose killed heartless faster with my build, apparently. went into the Giant Keyhole and fought a Behemoth. Now as someone who is used to the Behemoths from the Final Fantasy series, the big, mean looking purple dogs…well I was not expecting this. He was rather adorable and all too easy to beat.

Awww! Hi little guy!

After the fight we heard a voice. Is that Squall? We left and, sure enough, Yuffie, Squall and Aerith were standing out in the Great Hall waiting for me, apparently arriving here in Cid’s ship [I bet it was the Gummi version of the Highwind, haha] Come to find out, Hollow Bastion used to be their childhood home. That’s odd, since Aerith and Yuffie are from Final Fantasy 7 and Squall is from Final Fantasy 8. They talk about how in disrepair their home is.

Couldn’t have come 5 minutes earlier and helped me fight? No…? Ok.

Talking more with them, they claim that all the world will be repaired and back again if we defeat Ansem. Great, right? Well, it also means goodbye. Everyone will go back where they came from and the walls that the Heartless destroyed that protected each world will go back up again. That’s kind of sad. Sora made a lot of friends on this adventure. I hate to see him lose them. Even Gummi Ships can’t get past them.


After all that chatter, we close the Keyhole to Hollow Bastion!! I get congratulated by all the lovely Princesses except for Belle. Awww. She’s my favorite though! Cinderella and the rest upgrade my Fira into Firaga so that’s going to be useful! I’ve not used Magic in any other games as much as I have with this one.

Talked to Aerith and she gave me Ansem’s Report 2, 4, 6 and 10. I’m still missing one, I believe. She also upgraded my Cura to Curaga! Whoo! That’s also very useful. Got another Trophy for closing the Hollow Bastion Keyhole and with that, I’m off back to Traverse Town.

First things first, to the Dalmatians! They gave me a ton of stuff and even upgraded my Aero spell to AEROGA. Awesome! And the second notable thing is a complete Gummi collection! Now I can get a better Gummi ship. Even better.

Awwwww so many Puppers ♥♥♥!!

After this I’m taking a quick detour to Wonderland, and then headed to “End of the World” to level and get some much needed EXP to hit the new Cups at the Coliseum later before finally beating the game. I’m already at a good level as it is, because I fought every Heartless horde I came up against so I’m feeling okay but doing it this way will help more than not!

Goofy cheatin’. Rude.

We’re so close yet so far!!

Once again, thanks for reading and see you in the next post!

Kingdom Hearts: Misc Adventures pt. 2

Well let’s continue, shall we? At least the best we can while the roofers that we knew nothing about rip our roof apart and bang on the ceiling. No warning or nothing and I have a 2 year old. Neighbors work at night so I’m sure they’re overjoyed.

Anyway, more powerful heartless are in Traverse Town now that that Keyhole has been opened. Thanks Riku and Ansem, good job. Went to find a new way to Hollow Bastion and Cid led me to the Secret Alleyway to get a Navi Gummi that he had hid there a long time ago. Got it and Kairi gave me the Oathkeeper Keyblade after a small cut scene about friendship and finding Riku.

Now, kiss. No wait, you’re like..10. 
After that, we find Riku in a dark place and a grey-winding path with some voice talking to him. I’m 99% sure I know who it is, but I don’t want to spoil anything just yet. After talking, the voice tells him to look into his own heart to find his friends and that light he had forsaken. With Riku agreeing, the cut scene ends and we’re off to adventuring again. I’m working on finding the 10 White Trinities and other small things as well.  Collection time, yaaaay.

He hears people. I think I know who it is, though.
Went to see Merlin and the Fairy God Mother and she released Mushu for me which also got me a staff of Donald’s called Lord Fortune. I forgot to go see the Dalmatians, and will after I get the White Trinity from Agrabah. I hit Coliseum, Wonderland and Deep Jungle already and decided to go to Agrabah…I get here and Carpet is in Aladdin’s home, freaking out. So I decide to ride him, thinking he’s going to take me to the Cave of Wonders.


He took me into the desert where we were stopped by this giant snake-headed heartless with 8 arms who instantly silenced me and I tried to fight him. I got his first set of arms down to get my magic back, but after that it was all downhill. His health bar was PURPLE. I have no clue how many bars that means, but that’s insane. I’ll come back to him later when I’m a bit more leveled up and possibly with Ultima Weapon.

Who is THIS a–hat!? 

His name was apparently Kurt Ziza. That’s cool. I get an trophy for beating him, that’s just how hard he is. I will get it!!

Anyway on to the rest of the trinities.

The one on Monstro [or IN him, rather] has been a pain due to having to fly between Agrabah and Atlantica several times to get the Whale to even show up. Did it several times and tired “Warp Drive” just for giggles and, hey, guess who shows up and eats me.

God that’s creepy.

Got that one, had to do the “intestine” maze again. Yay. Headed to Halloween Town and stopped there for a bit of a break.

Okay, break over. Got the White Trinity in Halloween Town and it was puppies! Yay! 2 More chests to go for the little brats, so we’ll see if we get them. Two White Trinities to go, too, so I’m sure I’ve missed a chest somewhere, dang it!!

Well, that White Trinity was Puppies as well in Neverland. So what will the last one be?! Now that we’re headed back to Hollow Bastion, that’ll be the last of this blog for now. We’ll find out what the last White Trinity is and find the last puppies as well as continue on with the story a bit more before more collection time. So excited.

Thanks for reading!!

Kingdom Hearts: Hollow Bastion – First Visit

Well, geez. I worked for about 2 hours to get some blueprints to drop through the Gummi ship “missions” and none dropped, so I’m going to continue from here for a little while. I’ll go back and try again later though, but I really want to beat this game sooner rather than later. Art is still being done, but I’m cutting down my To Do list every day, so that’s good.

Did you guys miss my horrible phone-screen shots? 

Anyway, on with the game. Just landed in Hollow Bastion, and as many times as I have played this game, I never reached this far. So I’m rather excited to see what this brings. Sora said he was familiar with this place, so we’ll find out why.

Got a plethora of chests right off and got some PUPPIES! YAY! I’m really worried I won’t find them all, but apparently I get a lot of chances still to go and collect things.

Riku’s starting to p–make me angry.

Continued up more and I found Beast! I adore Beauty and the Beast and Riku is being a little brat to him. Sora comes in to save the day. But the fact Beast is in this one, I’m rather shocked and happy.

Hey, that’s mine! 

Riku took my Keyblade, how dare he, and to add more insult to injury, Donald and Goofy left me too! Well this is stupid. I do get Beast in my team, however, I only have a wooden sword to fight with. Great.

Haven’t had too much to say due to this entire area being puzzle based and confusing. The walk-through is helping as little as possible, which is good and bad. Good for the fact it’s making me think. Bad for the fact it’s taking me twice as long to get through this place than it normally would.

Can’t say it’s not pretty though!

So no picture spoilers, but spoilers ahead:

I’ve never been to Hollow Bastion before. Like I said before, so the cut scenes have all been rather shocking! This game can be a lot darker than I thought and I’m O.K. with this. The most recent cut scene just gave me a look at how they had all the Princesses trapped and using their hearts to show Maleficent the Keyhole. Beast is still with me and I believe I’m about to go face to face with Riku.

Post Riku fight. That’s right. You weakling. 

I was right and I kicked his butt pretty quick and got Donald and Goofy back, the Keyblade back and The White Trinity!

I forgive Goofy right off. But Donald, man. 

This place is ridiculously long and I apologize for the length of this post, but man. Hollow Bastion is full of puzzles and I rather like it. I just did one where I had to switch books in a massive library and open up book shelves and secret doorways. Was tedious, but fun. I should have snapped a picture of it.

More puzzles and headed through a really pretty heartless symbol door after collecting pieces, and now there’s another cut scene with Riku and a short guy in a hooded cloak, telling Riku to come into the darkness. Bro, stop, you’re creepy.

Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies and skittles.

Still working my way what seems to be up through Hollow Bastion Castle? Is it a castle? Seems like one. But I just got my last Blue Trinity and have all of the Trinities except for the 10 white ones. Which I’m okay with as I just got White Trinity not too long ago!


Haven’t been doing too much other than getting up through the Castle. Maleficent is deciding to take care of me herself, apparently. This should be fun.

She’s back there. In her darkness. In the dark. 

I beat her pretty easy. Some precise Gravira moves and whacks with my Keyblade, she was easy. However, I know we’re not done here…

Dragon Maleficent was even harder, and took me about 3 tries to kill her, which impressed me. Tinkerbell was nice to have with me, and she kept me healed. Thankfully I had some Mega-Potions on standby and kept Donald and Goofy up most of the fight, though all they were used for was target practice for the Dragon while I chased her head and killed her. Ugh. That was fun.

Little underwhelmed there, Maleficent. You were a lot bigger in the movie. 

Headed back into the dark little portal and towards a new room, which revealed the Princesses and Kairi. I could snap a few pictures of how they where trapped so here we go. The cut-scene’s are getting beautiful, though!

Snow White, Alice and Belle

Sleeping Beauty [Aurora], Cinderella and Jasmine.
Yay another boss-fight. Riku round 2. We’ll see how this goes and hopefully it goes better than the Rousey VS Holm [Haaaaaaaaaay. I got jokes.]. Turns out he’s not Riku at all. It’s Ansem [dun dun duuuuunnnnnn] Riku’s outfit is kinda cool though…too bad he’s a brat.

Riku vs Sora! I like how the Olympia Keyblade just blatantly says “HERCULES.” Bruh. 

Took me 3 tries to beat him too, but that was a fun fight. And Sora just stabbed himself with Riku’s keyblade. We’re giving them what they want I think…but okay. Sora had all their hearts all along. This seems a bit odd for me to type about. I don’t have a lot to say ‘cept now, hey…

D’awwww Heartless Sora.

I’m a heartless. That’s cool. You can tell they sort of went cheap on the animation on him. He’s very jerky [though they are to begin with? Maybe it was intentional?] but I feel like it could have been done better, to say the least.

D’aw Squall, you were cooler in Final Fantasy…8? Yeah, 8. 

With some loving cutscenes, I ended back up in Traverse Town talking to Squall and the rest of the gang. Riku needs my help and, apparently, so do the Princesses. This is where I’m going to end the post due to it being very late and a lot of stuff after this is collection and blue-prints. I’ll still update as I’ve missed writing, but trying to get my art knocked out as quick as possible has been holding me back. I can’t wait to get that all done then take a break from the commission scene for a while and focus on this and my massive gaming list!

Thanks for reading!


Stardew Valley: First Look

Well, first look for me anyway. I snuck and bought this while Kode wasn’t watching, haha. I hope he doesn’t mind, truly. I’ve been wanting this game for a while just as a time killer, and I’m already happy with the $14.99 I spent on Steam.

Stardew Valley, as far as I know, was made by one person and man is it impressive! Sure everything is in 2D, pretty much, but the artwork is gorgeous and the back drops are as well. So much eye candy.

I meant to take a few shots for when I first arrived at my Farm, but I forgot completely and wasn’t planning on making this a blog? But, to be honest, I won’t be as active blogging about this game, I don’t think, as I wanted it just for some casual play.

Ain’t nothing wrong with writing about it from time to time though.

At the beginning of the game, you choose your skin color, eye color, hair color, color of your pants, and what shirt you like to wear. I went with a black top and green pants because I named my character Trance, haha. My farms name is Moonshine Farm, because I love me some Tennessee Moonshine!

This is my Farm. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

I’ve cleaned the place up a bit already, and finally planted my Parsnips on the 3rd day since it’s raining and everything is closed on Wednesdays? Apparently? The General Store is at least. So I worked a bit longer then slept. Farming wears you out.

But it was worth it, apparently!

*Final Fantasy level-up song plays*

I leveled up! I guess that’s a good thing! I’ve never seen a game where leveling up is a bad thing to do. More Axe proficiency and Tree’s will drop seeds! That’s nice, will save some money in the long run. And I can craft some Field Snacks. That’ll be nice as you wear out super quick in this game, so having some snacks on hand will help.

Also, tip: Check your TV before you leave the house! You can get some nice tips for saving money and making food, and making money! Like this one:

Old TV is old, Grandpa. I’ll need to update it soon. 

It’s letting me know that I can find onions down southwest of town and they grow along where the river meets the ocean. Cool, I will go do that soon. But first, some crafting. My bags are getting a bit full and I can’t afford the backpack just yet, so I need to make some chests. I have plenty of wood, so let’s do that now before I go off with a ton of stuff in my bag and can’t carry anything back.

Little crafting menu is easy to work with and I’ll get more recipes as I go!

The reason I had been so adamant about getting this game is because on my Gamecube, a long time ago, I played Harvest Moon like it was going out of style. Which at the time, it wasn’t a super popular game, but there was so much to do. It reminded me of the Sims in a way, another game I also love and may blog about from time to time, but now Stardew Valley reminds me of Harvest Moon, The Sims and Animal Crossing. All games I really enjoy.

One last thing before I close this out. With so many things to do, they also have fishing in this game and it’s probably the toughest fishing mini game I’ve ever played, but the fish are all worth a pretty penny!

So now I’m going to download this game on my tablet, because I’ve been told it’s compatible with an XBox controller. If that’s the case, this is going to be a great little game to have on both my PC and my Tablet for travel and such! I hope there’s not too much of a learning curve with the controller like it was for me and Final Fantasy 14, but it’s a 2D game with not a lot of complex spells and attacks, just mining, fishing and talking to people!

That’s all I have to say about Stardew Valley for now. I may blog about it again once I get out of the Spring season and get further along with my farm and crops. Thanks for reading!



Kingdom Hearts: Misc Adventures

I seriously didn’t know how to title this.

This is just my thoughts for us running around and gathering a bunch of stuff we missed. I already talked to Cid and he updated my Gummi Ship, all while Sora had a vision of little Kairi and feels like she’s calling to him. Next thing you know, he’s going to be like “I see dead people.” Get it? Because Sora’s voice actor is Haley Joel Osment? The kid from the Sixth Sense?



Took more puppies back to Pongo and Perdy, though I’m very much behind on collecting puppies because the Guide I’m using doesn’t match the treasure chests in the Final Mix. This should lead me to getting all the treasure chests anyway, so I’ll find them eventually.

Took pics of just the worlds due to this being a very miscellaneous section. 

Left Traverse Town and headed back to Wonderland and finally figured out how to do the damn White Mushrooms (The ones that aren’t hostile and they do a series of actions. I always timed it wrong!) and also getting more treasure chests here and there, also loving how everything is dying in pretty much one hit. Found more puppies too!

I apparently still have Mini-Games to play here, too…

Deep Jungle again. Found a Mythril. And that’s it….yaaaaay.

I love the world designs. 

Agrabah again, that’s okay with me! Supposed to find Puppies here, let’s see what I actually find. So far a Gummi piece…and the other chest I apparently already got. Great. Even more behind on puppies.

This is Halloween…Halloween…HALLOWEEN.

To Halloween Town, now. Once again, fine with it. I love the music here. Supposed to find Puppies here too, let’s see if I do. Power Up, Elixir and PUPPIES! Thank goodness. That’s one of two that I’m supposed to find. Now, where are the others. Found the other Puppies in a hidden area! Yay! Now I can go back to Neverland…wait, really?

I don’t wanna grow up, I’m a Toys R’ –wait…

Go into Neverland and learn that for every Real Time hour that passes on my game time, a new door opens up. I got the 4:00 door for playing 40 hours at this point, but now I have to come back at 41 hours to open another door. That’s fun…Not. I’ve set a timer, though, now off to the Coliseum for the Hercules Cup!

Was unbelievably easy. I defeated it all in one go and got me a trophy! Also got a new Keyblade, the Metal Chocobo, and Shield, Herc’s Shield, for Goofy. I also obtained Olympia key blade thanks to beating all the other Cups available. Also got Yellow Trinity, which I used to move the big stone in the lobby and found the keyhole to the Coliseum! Sweet!

Now back to Agrabah for the Yellow Trinity there! Apparently there’s only 4 Yellow Trinity’s in Jiminy’s Journal.

I probably won’t post anything on Kingdom Hearts for a while due to until I decide to go on in the story, it’s just going to be me getting Blueprints, Mushrooms, and other side quest items. I probably won’t have too much to talk about due to I’m a horrible completionist and must. get. everything!

Until then, though! Thanks for reading.